Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flea Market Treasures

Over Memorial Day weekend, I attended the Pleasanton Collectibles & Antique Fair. This is held twice a year in this quaint little town along its Main Street. Pleasanton is located in the east bay area outside of San Francisco. There are blocks and blocks of vendors all with wonderful aged items.

So much to see! It was great fun perusing all the booths, looking for those one of a kind treasures.

The street was closed off for blocks, and all along it was dotted with charming buildings and stores.

I adored this chalkboard in a frame and the colorful perfume bottles.

There were a lot of items that brought back childhood memories like this rack full of little Golden Books. Did you read those as a child? I remember reading them to my little sister. 

And now... on to my treasures!
There was a lot of jewelry as well. One vendor had a lot of jewelry that was all made from old watch parts. I bought this necklace with the bee on it - I am a sucker for anything with a bee!

This vintage yellow dress just called out to me. It may be a cocktail dress or a prom dress, I'm not sure. However, it is in pristine condition. Unfortunately, it's just a wee bit too small for me which totally bums me because there is nothing I love more than a lot of tulle!

Another favorite find was this little table. I fell in love with its unique styling and of course, it's painted white in shabby chic. It's now placed alongside my bed so I can easily grab all my reading material each night while I read in bed.

Do you know what this is? If you guessed a pink poodle skirt, you are correct! I can't resist costumes and this was so cute. Now I just need to find a big tulle slip to wear underneath.

For quite some time, I have been wanting new kitchen chairs. These were just perfect for me. Repainted in shabby chic white with some distressed pine showing through, they actually match my light wood table. Even the recovered seats match my curtains exactly. I am delighted with how they look. 

All in all, it was super fun spending the afternoon on another treasure hunt. It was a bit of an afterthought, as I didn't get there until about noon or so. Normally, I'm there at 8am, before all the good stuff gets sold. Probably a good thing though, as I could barely fit it all in my car as it was. Oh, it's so hard to resist an antique fair!



T's Daily Treasures said...

It obviously was a gorgeous day and even with your late arrival, you found lots of wonderful treasures just right for you! I love the way you set up your pictures in this post. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Oh how fun! I love your new treasures. That yellow dress is so lovely. :) Flea markets are so awesome! :)

Rustique Gal said...

That sure looks like a fun day. I love the yellow dress too. And your table and chairs are just right. A good flea market haul!