Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nipper, the Tulip-Eating Cat Strikes Again

The tell-tale (or should I say tell-tail?) signs were all there. No, I shouldn't have been surprised to find my delightful tulips in this condition when I entered the kitchen one morning last week.

Nor should I have been surprised to see this.

Or this.

And it's all because of this. Well, I should say her. Nipper, the tulip and gerbera daisy eating cat. I avoided the daisies since I knew she could not resist their tender petals. So I bought tulips, one of my top three favorite flowers. She hadn't eaten the daffodils nor the other tulips I had purchased the week before (although I did catch her with pollen on her head!). 

And so this is what became of my beautiful flowers in just a few days. 

I guess it's back to daffodils. 



Nicki said...

That face says "whats the big deal? did I touch the "flower" - I think not!" Cats and flowers are always an 'iffy' trial. Mine even favor fake grass.

Olivia said...

Hahaha aw that is so adorable! Her face is like go on then, prove I did it! x

Rustique Gal said...

Sharon, the things we put up with for our pets! Mine have been hitting up the oregano lately, after finding it in a plastic bag. I don't have to buy catnip any more. My friend had a cat who went crazy whenever there was a cantelope in the house. She begged and begged till she got her share of it.
Gotta love em! Yours is adorable.