Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yes, That's a Paper Clip Holder

Is this not the most adorable paper clip holder that you have ever seen? It was given to me last week as a birthday gift and I just love it. Well, it is my favorite color after all. It's just so cute I brought it home from work, undecided whether to use it at work or at home. I think I'll bring it back to work now that I've lived with it at home on my time off. It just makes me happy to look at it.

So now my birthday/vacation week comes to an end. It's so great to enjoy some time getting caught up on things, visiting with mom and dad and being able to play creatively. I also spent time creating my family tree on but it's quite time consuming. I keep getting stuck trying to find information on my grandparents, none of whom were born in America. It will be a long and slow process, I'm sure.

This week, I'm looking forward to the start of Blogging Your Way e-course, Picture Inspiration with Tracey Clark and the third week of another Jessica Sprague class. Can't wait to do more with my photography now that I have my new camera and these classes to inspire me further. Sadly for the favorite feline, Miss Gracie will be missing me. I've never known one kitty who can be so attached. Often, she requires that I stay in a room with her even if she is sleeping. The moment I leave the room, she gets up, finds me, and lets me know that I must follow her back to wherever she was. Oh, I really don't mind. I just give her lots of kitty love. What's ahead for you this week?



Lauralee said...

The photos on here and design is so super cute and creative! Your blog is great. And inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Lauralee said...

Oh and also, yes, that paper clip holder is too cool! :)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I adore your sweet bird and nest paper clip holder.
Enjoy the new week and have fun with your e-class and photography. Miss Gracie is so sweet and it is lovely when they have that special bond.


Olivia said...

aw thats so sweet! Such a pretty colour as well a sugary pink bird :) x

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

fun!! hope you had a nice birthday!