Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please, Have a Slice of My Lovely Dessert

Cheesecake, Anyone?

Irresistible. A tiny, pink raspberry cheesecake, just the size for a doll party. Or not. Picture perfect, I have to photograph it before slicing it into two pieces and sharing it with my sister.

The raspberries on top made it just that much yummier.

I like to think I don't each that much dessert, and generally I don't (except for Almondina biscotti but's that's another story). Actually, it's my sister that is a bad influence on me as she insists on having a dessert each evening. 

Food is truly love to her so I hate to turn her down as it is the highlight of her day. 

Another Great Food Find

Last week at Trader Joe's, I found these delicious lemon cookies in their new food aisle.

Perfect for February, they are heart shaped gobs of lusciousness.

These would be great for a luncheon or tea party. Look for them in the bag with the pretty lettering on top. 

Now, they are a bit on the sweet side, so two was my limit. But, they are made with good ingredients including almond meal so don't feel too guilty. 

Have one, won't you?

Wow, since this started last Monday it has been a fabulous ride. I've received so many nice comments from sweet bloggers all over the country and world. Due to my work schedule, I haven't had a chance yet to visit too many participating blogs, but I will. It's a bit overwhelming with the number taking part in this, over 750 so far! I'm so impressed with everyone who has been able to visit so many already. This weekend I have to work on a special Valentine's project for a website in the U.K., followed by my first work-meeting with the professional organizer (yes, we are going to be starting the organization project on Super Bowl Sunday!) but little by little, I'll be looking at the wonderful posts that others have put up for this event. I'll be there soon!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Cheesecake is always a favorite around here. And anything with lemon so I am sure those cookies are yummy! I can't imagine how anyone ever is able to visit all 750 of the participants in OWOH! Wow! Good luck with your new project! Best wishes, Tammy

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon and Miss Gracie,

Would like a slice of your cheesecake, it looks so yummy, also the lemon cookies,... delicious. How exciting the One world, one heart is and what an amazing number participating.
Good luck with your Valentine project.

Happy week