Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Bargain

Yes, I love a bargain. While shopping this weekend, I found this cool flower for 75% off in the holiday section at Hallmark (which made it about $1.75 - very reasonable). Since I have a thing for flowers, pretty shades of green and glitter, it turned out to be just the right price. 

When Gracie heard the camera clicking as I was photographing it, she came down from the upstairs bedroom. Miss Gracie equates the camera clicks with cupcakes and pastry since I often photograph food. This partly accounts for the volume of Gracie photos on my hard drive. Well, that and honestly I can't resist taking photos of her. 

A little shopping, a trip to the vet for Nippy's nail trim, browsing the farmer's market and a visit from Mom started off the weekend, followed by a low-key Sunday. Gotta love the weekends. 

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