Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Smashed Cupcake is Still a Cupcake!

Some of you are probably aware that I love taking photographs of cupcakes. Especially beautiful cupcakes. And Whole Foods Market makes so many wonderful frosting designs. Today, I was happily surprised to see a very pretty vanilla cupcake with a pink rosebud on top. Oh, joy! Not only was it pretty enough for a picture, it was a mini-cupcake so it was only half the price of the full size (and I don't eat them, I only photograph them!). 

After waiting my turn, the bakery gal asked what I wanted. "This little vanilla one with the pink on top", I told her. It took her a moment to find it and I could see that she was new to the bakery department. After she packaged it up behind the counter and added a price sticker, she handed it to me. To my dismay, rather than putting it in the container with the high top made for cupcakes, she had put it into a smaller container upon which the lid had smashed into the pink rosebud (which explains why the top of the cupcake is flat as a pancake!). 

I didn't have the heart to ask her for another one since I did not tell her what my intention was with the cupcake. But I kicked myself for not doing so and made a mental note to remember the next time.

After taking a series of photos, I suddenly remembered that I purchased some fun princess cupcake toppers at my favorite flea market last year. And voilĂ ! Perfect!

Who would know? Once again, a perfect cupcake, transformed from a rose cupcake to a princess cupcake, ready for a party.

While taking photos, my Miss Gracie busied herself nearby but unexpectedly did not try to lick the cupcake. Certainly she didn't see it this time because that kitty loves her frosting. When I was done, I gave it to my sister who never turns down a cupcake.

Don't forget...tomorrow is the start of the fifth annual One World One Heart blog party. I haven't participated in past years but I'm looking forward to it this year. It's a way for bloggers all over the world to get to know each other by visiting each other's blogs. Plus, there's a giveaway! Every participating blog will have be offering something to one or more of their visitors at the end. Hundreds of bloggers will be posting, so be sure to go to the main site for a listing of all the blogs. Most of all, have fun!

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Jan said...

Delightful post....and a very inventive way to save the day with your squished cupcake. I think it's prettier with the new addition on top. And apparently Miss Gracie thought so, too....she gave it a kiss!
Looking forward to OWOH tomorrow. And more cupcake pics!