Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kitty Adventures

It's Nippy!

My milk-moustached tuxedo kitty Nipper has been a very good girl. Oh yes, she sleeps all day (and all night) but she is very sweet. In the evening, she comes upstairs to get in her pink round bed for the night. I can only say thank goodness she loves that bed because when she slept with me, I could barely move! 

While photographing holiday items in the living room, Nip slept on the back of the sofa. She opened her eyes to watch what I was up to. This required little effort on her part.

No, she doesn't like to be picked up. And don't even try touching her back paws. But she'll bump my leg, have me rub her chin and makes the cutest little meows when she wants a Greenie. Oh, and occasionally she'll bop Miss Gracie on the head!

Miss Gracie

While Nipper is ahem, "resting", what isn't Miss Gracie up to? She'll come and get me and lead me to our bedroom where she'll fall over, roll and let me rub her tummy. We call this the "Drop and Roll". Or she might lead me to the space heater to be turned on so she can lounge and nap in front of it. Or she might ask for cheese or pastry, depending on what's cooking. And if the butter is left out, watch out! We call her the little butter licker.

When the camera is clicking, she'll come running. She knows that means that there is possibly a cupcake or other dessert that she just might be able to lick. Here she is on the table where I was photographing miniature cheesecakes. I'm getting good at maneuvering around her. 

But what is her new favorite activity? Why, playing Game for Cats on the iPad! Yes, the iPad has become a very expensive cat toy. The person who invented that game is a genius. Gracie loves it so much that she cries for the iPad to play with when she sees it. She truly is addicted. So now the people in the house are competing with her to use it. Do you know how hard that is when she is staring up at you with that little face just waiting her turn?

If you'd like to see Gracie playing with the iPad, you can look here. The game is a block of yellow cheese with a mouse running around. Find out what happens she tries to catch the mouse. My Miss Gracie, she is so darn smart. When the mouse disappears from the screen, she'll try to find it underneath the iPad. If she attended cat college, she would get straight A's. That's my Grace.


Draffin Bears said...

HI Sharon,

Love your sweet photos of Miss Gracie and Nipper, they are photogenic kitties and so gorgeous.
I can understand them liking the ipad. My husband bought me one for Christmas and they are great aren't they.

Happy Wednesday

June said...

That is hilarious Sharon. I had the laptop in front of Jackson while I watched the video, and he watched Gracie (or the mouse) so intently. WOW! Gracie is good at that game!!! Nipper is such a pretty girl too.
Thank you for the laugh today.

Nicki said...

Your cats are beautiful and your photos of them are wonderful. I have to say that as soon as I saw that you referred to Nipper as "Nippy" I had to stop. My mother's nickname was Nippy - most people only knew her by that name. So obviously it is very dear to me. I enjoyed your post.

Cassandra said...

ooooohhhhh what adorable kitties!!! I wish I could have more! I just love cats!