Monday, December 27, 2010

My Gorgeous Swedish Mother

This weekend, Mom came over to spend time with her daughters. While she was here, we did a little photo shoot. Can you guess how old she is? Well, she's 80 and one half, as she reminded me. She looked so beautiful in this photo. She put on just a touch of eye pencil and a little lipstick. Her hair is naturally brown with some streaks of silver. While I look much more like my dad, I have to say thank you for the good genes and can only hope I look this good at her age!

One day about a year or two ago, she was in a store purchasing an item and the sales clerk told her "Too bad you aren't a senior, you could have gotten an extra discount."!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Picturing the Holidays

This month, the class I'm taking online is Picture the Holidays. Billed as 30 days of festive photography, each day we get a special prompt to photograph a feeling, an object or a technique. 

While browsing at Cost Plus World Market a few weeks ago, these wonderful glass birds caught my eye as part of a Christmas decor display. I simply had to have them!

 They are just so pretty, I find them irresistible.

My 90mm 2.8 macro lens is truly a favorite. Perfect for getting the details up close. This tiny pink feather tree just makes me feel so good all year long.

Since I could not find the right vintage style Christmas tree I wanted, I wound up placing some of the ornaments on the pink feather tree for photo purposes. 

While a bit too big for the tree, it did make a great background.

I appreciate you stopping by today and do hope you are enjoying your holidays in whichever way you celebrate! 

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Flea Market Finds

Oooooh, what's that sparkling? It's a rhinestone buckle that I picked up last month at the flea market. Love anything rhinestone!

Okay, I know this looks like a hodge podge of beads, ribbon and fabric but it's actually a vintage flower pin. Those darn little beads are coming so it needs a little love and attention.

One vendor had boxes of packaged vintage arts items. These little gold leaves can be a lovely accent to so many things.

How could I go to my favorite flea market and not come home with another rhinestone necklace? And isn't this just the time of year to sparkle? Well, yes, I do try to sparkle all year long but especially this time of year. I have to admit, it's been challenging to do so since I've had a cold for the last two and a half weeks. I hope I'm ready to sparkle again soon!

A roll of pink felt was hard to resist (and hey, it was only a buck). Now, if I can ever find time to use my wonderful bits and bobs to create something wonderful.

It was fun to see all of the old Christmas items to be had. I did have another flea market heartbreak though. I spotted a vintage sewing machine cabinet with a wonderful ornate carving in the wood. Unfortunately, it was already sold and the vendors sold it cheap. It was so beautiful that I then had no interest in the other one with plainer wood. You just never know since it takes so long to get through the whole market. Maybe next time I'll start at the opposite end and work backwards. Who knows what I may find!