Monday, September 27, 2010

Our New Flea Market


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Last July, a new flea market opened in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s the Candlestick Park Antiques & Collectibles Faire. Can you guess where it is? Why, Candlestick Park, of course!

It’s held the third Sunday of each month, unless the Niners are playing and then it moves to the fourth Sunday. It’s not too big yet but all items are supposed to be 20 years or older so at least you know everything is vintage.

This past weekend was my first time there and we could not have picked a nicer day. The weather was in the eighties where it’s usually cold and windy there along the bay. In fact, it was really hot. There are not many days at the Stick like that.

So here’s the big surprise: I did not buy anything. I did see some things that I liked but I didn’t need. Plus, I am running out of room in my house so I need to be pickier about my purchases. I passed up a white nightstand, a white bench with padded seating and a delicious brown velvet small purse. Although there was more furniture and statuary, my favorite flea market is still the DeAnza College flea market. It’s a bit more of an adventure where you have to dig more for the treasures.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010




  • There’s another holiday this week plus a vacation day – woo hoo!
  • Looks like we’re in for summer this weekend – so glad it’s back
  • Miss Gracie, my sweet kitty, turns five next week. Oh, how the time has flown.
  • Getting closer with much anticipation to a full weekend photography workshop in October
  • Missed the season opener of Glee (have it taped) but loved Dancing With the Stars
  • Changing the “daylight” bulbs in the kitchen to a warmer light bulb – it currently feels like a laboratory!
  • Why is it that whenever I finish cleaning one area in the house there’s always another one waiting to be cleaned?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two of My Favorites: Flowers and Miss Gracie


Just had to get some new flowers today. The other bowl was getting a little sparse, so time for a big full bowl full of color.


The center flowers remind me of mini gladiolas although I’m not sure exactly what they are.


The bright colors make me happy but… 

09-11-10_0676c so do these pastel pinks in the buds.


I love the combination of the swirls on the chair combined with…


the rusty look and feel although I noticed strips of paint are actually starting to come off. Well, it served its purpose for quite some time.

09-11-10_0691b   With the warm weather we’ve had the last several days, I’ve enjoyed getting out and watering the plants and flowers. I only wish I had more so I could spend more time doing so.


The baby buds are important to keep the flowers blooming so I always look for plants that have plenty on them.


These flowers are left over from last summer and have been quite happy this past year.


Have you noticed how it’s beginning to feel like autumn? The sun has changed position (well, maybe its actually the earth but…) so there is only a little bit of sun that comes in our favorite room in the afternoon. I had to move the chair right next to the window so Miss Gracie could get maximum sun today. Miss Gracie will be one unhappy camper kitty when autumn finally arrives!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Bits September 2010


Yea for holidays! Three days off work this week – how great is that?


Eighty one degrees today – thank goodness our summer weather has returned again. With this cooler weather we’ve been having, summer has gone by too fast.


Miss Gracie chose to sleep on the chair while I played on the computer today. She insists we must always be in the same room together.

09-10-10_0554c  Love to use summer fruit in my oatmeal each day. My sis likes hers with raspberries as well.


Me, I like to add blueberries in addition to white peaches and yellow nectarines and peaches. I would have added strawberries, but I only had enough left for Nipper who insists on eating them twice a day. That’s okay, tomorrow is another farmer’s market and I’ll get some fresh ones for her and me. Got to keep the kitties happy.


My favorite cookie: Almondina, original style. I buy them at Trader Joe’s. By the way, the latest issue of Fortune magazine has a fascinating article about Trader Joe’s. I highly recommend reading it.


This biscotti cookie is great because it’s not sweet but it has almonds and raisons that give it a natural sweetness.


Perfect for dunking – try it with your favorite coffee.


Lastly, you may have seen on the news today the terrible fire in San Bruno, California that happened when a gas line exploded. This happened in the county where I live. How sad and shocking it was to see this on TV last night.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flea Market Frenzy

 flea mkt Sept 2010_0139_edited-1

Oh, my. Today was flea market day. Since I was not able to go last month, I was looking forward to today with anticipation. I’m happy to say it was a success in that I always come home with unexpected treasures. Miss Gracie gets so excited, too. Here she is inspecting all the treasures, hoping there might be treat or cat toy among them. In addition to the success I had today, I must say that it was a day of heartbreak, too. Yes, flea market heartbreak.

On my list of vintage items I hope to acquire is the old Singer sewing machine in the wood cabinet (in good condition). Towards the end of the morning, I spied exactly that as I was walking the aisle. However, there was a lady with two friends or family who were inquiring about it with the vendor. I could not believe my ears when he said he would sell it for $50! Not wanting to be rude and jump in there with the cash in my hand, I stood back waiting until they were through to see if the would buy it. Not only did they buy it, but they got the vendor to deliver it to their home for free! Alas, my heart was broken. I saw a similar one last year for about $130 but passed it up as I also want to get it for a bargain price.


So I didn’t get my dream item, but I did get some other cool stuff. I have a thing for fake food, so I purchased these two pastries. One is for my tea table, and the other for our event displays at work.


A roll of vintage ribbon… I have this same one with pink flowers and today purchased it with blue.


Pretty green trim with sequins…. ohh la la!


What refrigerator is complete without a set of magnetic words to create phrases?


In a package labeled “parts”, there were some fun beads n bangles that will come in handy.


I did buy some more rhinestone necklaces, but I think I can stop now. So hard to resist! When I tried this one on after I got home, it appeared to look almost like a bow in its design.


Set with just a few pearls among the rhinestones, I especially liked this one.


Here is a look at the centerpiece on it up close.


If you look close just beyond the necklace, you’ll see Miss Gracie standing right behind it. She is just getting ready to grab it. She likes sparkly things, too.


One of my interesting finds is a long, grey beaded necklace from the ‘20’s. It was so different and pretty, I knew it had to come home with me.


The beading is very intricate on this narrow strand.


This necklace is not vintage. No, there is a booth that only sells past merchandise from Macy’s at deep discounts. Occasionally I spy something new that is just too good to pass up.


This small silver plated tray makes  a great piece for holding small items, like this little pin that also came home.


While I try to buy things that I will actually use in some way, sometimes I have to try a little harder to “invent” the use for it. This beading on a soft cream vintage purse was so scrumptious.


I picked it up and put it back, walked to end of the first vendor aisle, then went back as I knew I would regret not buying it. I decided it would be perfect for storing jewelry in it.


A dainty cup and saucer holder just called out to me. I have a similar one I purchased at an earlier flea market upon which I place supplies like rolls of crepe paper. This one will do the same.


OK, here’s an item it turns out I didn’t need. I was looking for something to place my laptop on while I sat on the floor. So it’s an orange-brown odd color, but just imagine it paint white! I think it will look absolutely lovely in white. So, I will be buying the paint soon, but it turns out it’s too high to use with the laptop. I’m sure I’ll have a use for it anyway.


When we got to the market at 8:00 am, it was overcast and even a little chilly. By noon when we finished, it was hot and almost 80 degrees. We did our usual run to Whole Foods Market down the street from the flea market and had lunch. By the time we got home, we were both pooped. If you look beyond the flowers, you’ll see my sis fast asleep in our living room not long after we got home. It didn’t help that Miss Gracie had us awake very early, insisting we get up to give her some Greenies (aka “crack” for cats).


But even Miss Gracie needed a nap. I was surrounded by two sleeping cats and one sleeping sister until I went upstairs.


Miss Gracie was so happy to see me that she followed me to every room in the house from the time we got home until I went to bed. Both she and I love to spend the afternoon in my bedroom as it gets the nice sunshine at that time. So as I sat on my floor with the laptop, Miss Gracie hopped in the window to breathe the fresh air and hope for a bird or two to fly by. She truly is a Velcro kitty.