Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Something Pink, Something Blue


What’s blue is this poor, little kitten. And so the story begins… Last weekend, my sis heard a noise at four a.m. in our garage. She got halfway down the stairs when she decided to turn back, not knowing who or what was lurking down there. Poor little Gracie had gotten out of bed and was looking concerned, too. Later in the morning when I was getting ready, my sis yelled out to me that things were in disarray in the garage. Several items were knocked off shelves and lying on the floor.

At first, we panicked. Who could have been here? And why was nothing missing but just odd things out of place? Like poles used for painting the house and craft supplies on the floor. I decided it had to have been either in earthquake (this is California after all) or an animal. Either way, we went out about our business to the farmer’s market. I decided I would check the internet later to see if there actually had been an earthquake.

When we returned, more items were on the floor. A few moments later, I heard a bag rustling. I grabbed a broom for protection in case a wild, rabid animal was about to jump out at me ( we do have skunks, raccoons and other animals visit at night). Then I started removing items from where I heard the noise. I gave Sis the broom and told her to protect me with it but she quickly ditched it and got back in the car. Well, I guess it was every woman for herself at that point!

After finding nothing, I went back in the house. Then, Sis began yelling again for me to come quickly. The imagined wild rodent had turned out to be a little kitten who took the opportunity to sit at the edge of the garage and peer into the sunshine. With all the excitement, he (or she) quickly ran back into the garage behind a bookcase. Now we were oooohing and awwwwing over the sweet little guy. In a short while, I had coaxed him out and into a cat carrier with some food and water.

Once I shut that door, he was not happy at all. He looks like he just landed in jail! We tried taking a vote to see if he could stay, but Miss Gracie and Nipper gave it two paws down and thus began his trip to our local SPCA where he will hopefully find a good home. So much for our big adventure!


And now for something pink… If you know me, you know that I love, love, love the color pink!


Well, yes, I was hunting for a pair of neutral colored beige sneakers for summer, but then I found these…


Honestly, could you resist these pink sneaks with green and white shoelaces? I think it’s going to be a very pink summer…

Friday, June 25, 2010

Celebrating the Mad Tea Party 2010


The big day is finally here! I’m so happy you’ve decided to join me today. I know you’re busy – there are so many places to go!


Well, the minutes are ticking away… I think twelve o’clock is the perfect time to start our little party today but I’m just finishing up a few preparations for you.


Hmmm… I think I hear the knocker. Is that the sound of our guests beginning to arrive?


I know I hear something!


Let’s take a look outside our window.


Yes, it’s true. I hear a pitter pat outside….


Well, I certainly do want to give you all a warm welcome.


I am so happy to have you here! Let’s get ready to welcome our first guest!


Mr.. Bunny is stationed out front to provide the first greeting. He has to keep a bunny eye on the toad house though. Those darn toads always want to say hello first.


And Mr. Fairy Wings will keep an eye out just to make sure everyone behaves themselves.


Welcome, little Scottie! Come right in!


Oh, my goodness. What time is it now? What time is it now?


Twelve o’clock! Right on time. Who else is coming to join us today for treats and tea?


Hello, Miss Gracie. Perhaps little Scottie will let you sit near him. I’m sure you two have much to discuss.


The tea is almost ready to pour. Perhaps our friend the butterfly will tip the teapot just for you.


Oh, Miss Garden Fairy, must you read your book right now?


Mrs. Birdie almost didn’t make it, but of course I told her we didn’t mind if she sits on her nest. After all, she has a bigger responsibility today.


Fly right in! Ms. Sparrow is ready to party. I hope there won’t be feathers flying everywhere!


Nipper is wide awake today. Last year she slept through the whole tea party and missed all the fun. So glad you are awake today; we know how much you prefer to nap.


The table is set and ready for you, too.


Are you ready for dessert? Is your mouth beginning to water yet?


Mr. Bear is the first to get a cupcake.


Muffy and Mr. Bear make a cute couple, don’t you think? Let’s give them a little alone time while we visit with the other guests.


I’m so glad our beautiful ballerinas could join us today, too. Perhaps we’ll play some music so they can entertain us later. Wouldn’t that be delightful?


What’s up with the books today? Really, first our Garden Fairy, and now the Frog King! I didn't think I was that boring!


May I pour you a cup of tea? It’s a wonderful blend from Ceylon.


I’m happy to fill your cup! But how about a bite of something sweet to go with it?


Here you go…. A piece of French vanilla cake with freshly whipped cream and a mixture of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. I served this last Sunday for Father’s Day and it went over very well so I thought you might enjoy it, too.


For the tiny ballerinas, we have tiny little cupcakes.


Of course, if you prefer cookies with your tea, we have those too.


I knew I heard singing! It’s our friend singing from the chandelier.


Oh, please do have another truffle!


Miss Gracie, what are you looking at?


Oh, of course. I know how much you love pastry. Would you prefer chocolate or strawberry?


Let’s not let our tea get cold. I’ll just put the tea warmer on top while you pick out your dessert.


How lovely to have so many of our feathered friends join us today.


Mr. Bunny seems to be waiting for something, too. Perhaps another truffle?


Well, here you go. Please pick out something from the dessert tray.


Then have a seat here where we can talk and get to know each other. I’d love to know more about you. Please tell me just a little something about you today.


Oh, I have a favor for you! Please don’t forget to take a card made just for you with a tinsel heart.


I know how much you like cupcakes, so I made extra just so we don’t run out.


Oh, Miss Gracie! Where are your manners?


If you love chocolate, I highly recommend the double chocolate flavor – it’s very moist inside and full of chocolaty goodness.


But then again, if you love red velvet, you can always have one of those.


Miss Gracie loves the lemon flavor best.


She just can’t contain herself!


Really! You’re upsetting Mr. Bear. Please take your place!


Please, have a seat while I serve you another bit of something tasty.


Would you like a slice of pink Princess cake?


No, no. How about a slice of cheesecake?


I see the lights are coming on… it’s been a wonderful afternoon.


If you don’t mind, I’ll just tidy up a bit before you go.


I’m so sad our day is almost over but I’m so happy you could join our little tea party.


Miss Gracie is sad to see you go, too.


Little Ms. Sparrow is ready to fly away home. Well, I thank you again for joining me today. You will come back again, won’t you?


I know you still have many tea parties to visit today. Oh, and I must get ready too as they are expecting me and Miss Gracie to visit as well. A big thank you to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for creating the Mad Tea Party and inviting all of us to join her. Please give her my regards when you visit!

Happy Tea Party Day to you all!