Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome, March!


Why do I like the month of March? Most importantly, it’s almost Spring!


Flowers are blooming all over…


The outdoors are full of life from baby birds to butterflies.


Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. It’s so beautiful to see rows of white and pink trees.


Wonderful produce begins to show up at the farmer’s market. Nippy finally gets her special strawberry treat after waiting through the cold winter months.

Not only that, but the Academy Awards will be shown on TV. Garage sales begin again. Daylight savings time will be upon us and we’ll have more hours of lovely light. And in case you’re interested, it’s National Noodle Month, National Pig Day on March 1, and Barbie’s birthday is March 9th. And don’t forget it’s also National Craft Month, so there’s a little extra motivation to create something for you or a friend.


Here’s wishing you a fabulous month of March! Do let me know what makes March special for you, too.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Bits


  1. I have been so busy lately, I woke up feeling a bit stressed this morning. Not good for a Saturday! However, after an evening of friends, family and laughter, I feel much better.
  2. Today was a beautiful spring-like day coming after a day and early morning of rain. Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom on our peninsula and look so beautiful.
  3. My new Mac is not as intuitive as I remember. I’m going through fits and starts trying to get fully up and running. Almost there but not quite. Still having to rely on my pokey PC!
  4. I opened my beautiful birthday gift from dear Jodie this morning. Photos to come soon – as you might guess, it is absolutely wonderful.
  5. Dark chocolate pretzel bark from Trader Joe’s. I’m giving it a major YUM. $3.99 but worth every penny.
  6. My gym bag has been sitting in my office, undisturbed, since early October. My body is telling me it’s time to do something. Tomorrow I will start with a walk.
  7. I really want a new camera. My Nikon D40X just feels slow. Is this the year for it? Not sure yet.

I’m going to watch just a bit more of the Olympics before I go to bed. The figure skaters performances were just beautiful. What was your favorite part?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I’m Back!


Did you miss me? ;-) My computers have been gone since last Sunday as I was having files transferred from the PC to the Mac. Now that they are all there, I can move from my sloooooow PC to the Mac but I need to find an alternative to Live Writer. I love using Live Writer instead of Blogger to create my posts and have been spoiled by it. If you use a Mac, I’d love to hear what program you use to create your posts. I’m still a little lost since the last time I had a Mac was in the late 1980’s. Oh gosh, that was over 20 years ago!


Well, since last weekend, my birthday has continued. When I got to work on Monday, my office was decorated all over in pink crepe paper, carousel style. I loved it so much, I declared that I am leaving it up all year long! I did have to remove it from my phone, computer and mouse though as it got a little difficult working with all that paper. I continued to receive good wishes and even a dozen beautiful pink/white roses. And tonight, I had a special birthday package waiting for me that the mailman had delivered. However, I am going to pull a “Jodie” and not open it just yet. Actually, I did open the top flaps but I stopped there until I can photograph it and savor the moment. Since I got home late tonight, it will have to wait just a bit. Then I promise to share it with you.


Part of my birthday fun last weekend was a little shopping. I found these super cute shoes and just had to have them. I think it’s the bows I love so much, although I can always use a pair of flats. Nipper loves these, too. Tonight I caught her with a paw in one while she rubbed against them. Then she sat hen-style on top of them with her front legs tucked under her, happy with her new find. Do you think it’s the animal print that attracted her? Well, she does have a thing for shoes and purses. I often have to apologize to guests as she rubs all over their purses. It’s like catnip to her! Funny girl, that Nippy is.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

And a Sweet Birthday It Was


Yesterday, my sister Tina took me out to lunch for my birthday as is our little tradition. I think she was more excited as she had been asking me for weeks where I wanted to go. A day and a half before my birthday, I finally decided on SweetTeas, a lovely little tea shop and restaurant.


I know I said this before, but I love my iPhone. Once again, I took it out and began snapping photos.


It was a perfect day. The weather was grey, the tea room yellow and cheery.


Each table had a lovely centerpiece and there were little white twinkle lights on all around. To the right of our table is a gorgeous faux fireplace. But best of all…


I got my very favorite table in the restaurant situated next to the faux fireplace. On one side is a chair and on the other (where I sat), is a cushy floral chair. I’m not quite sure what type of chair it is, but it is almost big enough for two people but not quite a loveseat. And here we sat for almost two hours as we enjoyed a leisurely lunch.


Everything is served on their fine China, so dainty and pretty.


Totally fou fou, totally my style.


I selected organic peach apricot tea, while Tina chose the white chocolate black tea. Mmmmmmm, it smelled so good!


When our server brought out our food, she had put a birthday candle in my petite banana caramel cake. I also had a petite cream puff.


But before we got to dessert, we had a pear almond salad served along with warm, yummy savories.


The pesto chicken sandwich was delicious, but we both loved the tomato and melted cheese sandwiches, too.


Who knew the fruit salad would be so beautiful in the middle of February?


On our way out, we perused the items in the shop. I was eyeing this little mannequin but it was a display prop for the jewelry. Too bad, or she would have come home with me!

It was a great birthday yesterday. I took the day off work (of course, doesn’t everybody?) which made for a three day weekend. After lunch, we did a little shopping at Marshall’s and Target. Later, I tried taking a photo of Miss Gracie and me but that was not too successful. She just refuses to have her picture taken with me!


Here’s the picture I wound up with as she was just too squirmy when I tried to hold her. As luck would have it, she jumped up on the chair so I just sat next to her so we are both in the photo.

I received many good wishes throughout the day from friends and family through the mail, phone and online. Thank you to each of you for your birthday wishes – I so appreciate it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Valentine Cupcake for Miss Gracie


Last Saturday, my sister Tina and I went to the flea market in Palo Alto. It was a great location at Palo Alto High School across from Stanford University. And directly across the street was a shopping center with, get ready for this… a cupcake store! While I used my willpower to resist, Tina willingly gave in to one of her favorite desserts. However, I insisted she bring it home so that I could photograph it before she ate it.


But what’s that? Miss Gracie said, “you have a cupcake?!” I don’t know who loves them more, Tina or Miss Gracie. Tina is always happy to share so she gave Miss Gracie first licks.


Yum! This is Gracie heaven.


Oh, did I mention this was a Meyer Lemon cupcake?


I had never seen Gracie lick the frosting so fast and furiously as she did this time. Who knew she had a thing for lemon?


Oh, boy, did she really love her sweet Valentine cupcake. Um, I mean Tina’s Valentine cupcake.


Finally, I had to take it away from her because I was afraid eating so much frosting would not be good for her. So now the whole other side of the frosting was missing!


Now that Miss Gracie has finished, it’s time to clean up.


So, Miss Gracie hopped near the window for a little kitty bath.


But wait, what’s that? A bird flying by? A bug?


No matter, I must continue my bath. Got to get all that Meyer lemon taste off of me.


Yes, this was one happy cat last weekend. I was happy, too. A fun day at the flea market, brunch at Hobee’s, a tour through Paper Source and a cupcake for all. I can’t wait to show you my flea market finds!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

S.W.A.K.: Vintage Valentine Fabric Fatbook Swap


Well, dear friends, I am finally able to show you the wonderful fabric book I received in this swap recently. It was organized by Sarah of Gypsy Mermaid and she did a fabulous job putting it all together. Look at the wonderful cover she made to contain the treasured pages. It begins with a lovely padded heart, surrounded by ribbon and tiny seed beads.


I adore the seam binding ribbons that hold the book together.


After all, they don’t call it a fat book for nothing!


The inside front cover has the most adorable folded postcard with a pink button loop, personalized for this swap.


And when you lift it up, you see all of the names of the participants on the vintage postcard. Love it!


The first lovely page was made by Nerina Field of NicNacManiac.


The backside has a beautiful flower on chenille.


Second page: Sharon Giordano of A Fanciful Life (that’s me). I went with a red rose on velvet ribbon and lace.


Back page: A vintage image with red and gold trimmings.


Third page: Pam Kern of Frippery. A lovely lace covered heart and ribbon flower adorn this page.


Back page: Yummy tulle ribbons with pearls (need I say more?)!


Fourth page: Sandra Marotti of Sew Revived. Look closely – can you see the tiny red beads sewn onto the red heart?


Back page: XO – I love you, too!


Fifth page: Karen DiCapite of Some Days are Diamonds. Little pearls add highlight to this page.


Back page: A soft, velvety fabric hold the adornments just so.


Sixth page: Jodie LeJeune of everything vintage. The little cupid is aiming his arrow straight at the sweet girl, hoping to get her heart.


Back page: A personalized postcard for each of us!


Seventh page: Zandra Cudney of Scraps to Beauty by Zandra. The gorgeous glass heart on the beaded pin holds it all together.


Back page: A wonderful large padded heart takes center stage.


Eighth page: Kelley Logan of Teacups and Ponies. This page has soft fringed edges on a pink on pink vignette.


Back page: Soft, sweet angels for us to spy upon.


Ninth page: Sarah Huckman of Gypsy Mermaid. A sea of love theme adorns this page.


Back page: A wonderful chenille heart atop a page of vintage script and sparkly fabric.

And there you have it, the most wonderful keepsake. It was truly a pleasure to participate in the making of this book. I’ve been looking at it every day, noticing something new each time. I do hope each of you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Next up: A Valentine cupcake for Miss Gracie. You don’t mind if I continue to display Valentine images, do you? After all, it is still February, one of my favorite months. Is it yours, as well?