Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Caleb Gets His Photo Taken

Meet Caleb and his mom Amy. They were among the mom's and babies that volunteered for the photo shoot. Isn't he a sweet baby?

Look at those rosy cheeks. One of the things I learned is that black and white makes a nice choice for baby photos, too, as it hides the ruddiness of their baby skin. Great tip!

I just love this little expression.

Caleb's mom Amy was so sweet. Look how photogenic she is.

Here's an example of a black and white photo I mentioned. It also works great if there are colors in the background and/or clothing that clash.

Amy and Caleb

Little baby feet...

Such blue eyes!

I edited the photos using iPhoto instead of Photoshop Elements. I really, really like iPhoto. I just wish I could save the edited images in low res for the web. Instead, I have to import them into PSE to do that.

This week, I upgraded my iPhoto to the latest version in iLife '11. It has some great new features. Can't beat viewing photos on the iMac screen either.

Besides Amy and Caleb, I also photographed two more moms and babies. More coming up soon!

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Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon and Miss Gracie,

Love the photographs of Mother and son, especially the black and white ones.
I use iphoto too and does have some good features.

Happy weekend