Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two of My Favorites: Flowers and Miss Gracie


Just had to get some new flowers today. The other bowl was getting a little sparse, so time for a big full bowl full of color.


The center flowers remind me of mini gladiolas although I’m not sure exactly what they are.


The bright colors make me happy but… 

09-11-10_0676c so do these pastel pinks in the buds.


I love the combination of the swirls on the chair combined with…


the rusty look and feel although I noticed strips of paint are actually starting to come off. Well, it served its purpose for quite some time.

09-11-10_0691b   With the warm weather we’ve had the last several days, I’ve enjoyed getting out and watering the plants and flowers. I only wish I had more so I could spend more time doing so.


The baby buds are important to keep the flowers blooming so I always look for plants that have plenty on them.


These flowers are left over from last summer and have been quite happy this past year.


Have you noticed how it’s beginning to feel like autumn? The sun has changed position (well, maybe its actually the earth but…) so there is only a little bit of sun that comes in our favorite room in the afternoon. I had to move the chair right next to the window so Miss Gracie could get maximum sun today. Miss Gracie will be one unhappy camper kitty when autumn finally arrives!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sharon, gorgeous photos! And Miss Gracie is beautiful as always. We've been away for 5 days so I definitely need to get out there and water the plants on our balconies. Sure wish it felt like Fall around here. Won't be happening for a while. Have a great week. :) Tammy

Laura said...

I love your photos! The flowers in the center are snapdragons. They are one of my favorite flowers!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Love your beautiful photos, yes they are snapdragons and the colours are so pretty.
Miss Gracie looks like a Princess sitting on her chair.
Enjoy Fall and have a lovely week


June said...

Sharon I do think Miss Gracie looks regale sitting there on such a lovely perch. I think I will be missing the sun roght along with her. We can pout together.
Your flowers are beautiful. The middle flowers are called snapdragons. I love them too! They come in such gorgeous colors.
Thank you for always leaving me kind words to take in to my heart and you have such a beautiful spirit.