Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Bits September 2010


Yea for holidays! Three days off work this week – how great is that?


Eighty one degrees today – thank goodness our summer weather has returned again. With this cooler weather we’ve been having, summer has gone by too fast.


Miss Gracie chose to sleep on the chair while I played on the computer today. She insists we must always be in the same room together.

09-10-10_0554c  Love to use summer fruit in my oatmeal each day. My sis likes hers with raspberries as well.


Me, I like to add blueberries in addition to white peaches and yellow nectarines and peaches. I would have added strawberries, but I only had enough left for Nipper who insists on eating them twice a day. That’s okay, tomorrow is another farmer’s market and I’ll get some fresh ones for her and me. Got to keep the kitties happy.


My favorite cookie: Almondina, original style. I buy them at Trader Joe’s. By the way, the latest issue of Fortune magazine has a fascinating article about Trader Joe’s. I highly recommend reading it.


This biscotti cookie is great because it’s not sweet but it has almonds and raisons that give it a natural sweetness.


Perfect for dunking – try it with your favorite coffee.


Lastly, you may have seen on the news today the terrible fire in San Bruno, California that happened when a gas line exploded. This happened in the county where I live. How sad and shocking it was to see this on TV last night.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I hope that you have a lovely few days holiday and your breakfast looks yummy.
I did hear about that scary gas leak and my heart goes out to those effected by this.
I love the photo of Miss Gracie on the chair and I like biscotti too.


kana said...

Yes Sharon, I agree with you....2 day work weeks sound wonderful! Those cookies look good, we do have a Trader's Joes, but I have never been. I think I need to check it out! I have finally starting blogging again, come by for a visit when you can.