Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random Bits


July is a Great Month to Take Photographs

As you can see, this is not a collection of natural artifacts. No, it’s part of my rhinestone collection, but that’s okay with me. You see, I am taking an online class called Picture Summer right now. Every day in July we get a new photographic assignment for the day. One day, we were to study our own natural collection (the instructor had sea shells), arrange the pieces into a vignette and shoot it.


I could not think of any “natural” artifacts that I collect so I had to improvise. Well gosh, I do have a lot of jewelry pieces that keeps growing. Actually, I was just as happy to select these pieces and arrange them on a soft, velvet pink pillow.


A Birthday Celebration

This weekend, I celebrated the birthday of a friend. My little surprise gift was packaged in a repurposed tiny box lined with felt and wrapped in gold tissue.


Lately, the envelopes I’ve been decorating have turned out to be 3-D. I adhered a big fluffy flower pin with strips of colored seam binding and gold faux beads atop some pretty paper.


A pretty card in a pretty envelope, a petite gift and a roll of Italian papers made for her birthday surprise.


Summer = Fruit

In the morning, I went to our local farmer’s market for some yummy summer fruit. Feeling ambitious, I also bought a bag of “overripe” peaches and nectarines at half price to make a cobbler, one of my favorite desserts. I can’t wait!


This particular nectarine came from Whole Foods Market but let me tell you why. This is a nectarine from Frog Hollow Farms. They produce fruit for local stores and farmer’s markets, as well as making and selling jams and other products. Some time ago, I had their jams and they were to die for! Then, I happened to find them at the Ferry Building in San Francisco at a Saturday farmer’s market on the Embarcadero. Oh, my! Not only did they have a fruit stand but a bakery store as well. I bought several of their fruit pastries and ever since then, I’ve wanted to go back for more. I don’t go to SF very often, but that’s another story I’ll save for later. Happily, my sis will be going there this week. She’s going on a trip to the Ferry Building/farmer’s market for lunch followed by a taping of View from the Bay, a local television show. I’ve already told her that her mission that day is to buy me as many fruit pastries as she can carry!


Miss Gracie, What a Nut

Here’s Miss Gracie saying “ok, take the picture already!” yesterday. She was laying on the table behind Tina’s laptop, hoping to play with the cord. And I was snapping away, trying to get a good shot.


She was having loads of fun, grabbing the cord, then rolling over and trying to eat the faux cherry blossom flowers. Eventually, she pulled the plug out from the computer!

Then, at 6:15 a.m. this morning she left our bed and sat one inch from Tina’s bedroom door crying and crying. I got up and brought her back to bed but she went right back again. Eventually, Tina had to get up because she (nobody) could sleep with all the noise. When Tina opened the door and asked Gracie what she wanted, she ran into the bathroom, jumped onto the counter and looked up anxiously into the air. Tina looked all around and then notice a GIANT brown spider up on the wall. That’s my Gracie, she’s just so smart!

By that time, nobody was going back to sleep so I devised a way to capture the spider and eventually let it go outside in the garden. It was a little tense though!



Now, Miss Gracie and I are going to let you in on a little secret about how we get our hair so curly every day…


Well, actually Miss Gracie doesn’t curl her hair but I do. Yes, my curls come from seven little sponge rollers. Is that a blast from the past, or what? My hair is so fine, electric products cause too much damage. And these are so quick! It takes just a few minutes each night to put them in and a few minutes to take them out in the morning. I’ve used these off and on (whenever I’ve had long hair) since I was in high school.

The funny thing is that my hair still does its own thing so it can be very curly to less curly each day. But, I still must have curls! When I was six years old and had a little pixie haircut, I insisted on having curls for my school picture. Consequently, I have a goofy picture of me with two pin curls on either side of my head as it was the best my mother could do with my short, fine hair. 


I love that it’s a reminder that I’ve always been a girly girl at heart.


GardenDesigner said...

How Fun for a summer class! I think you are getting along with your lens very well! You pics are awesome!! I know how you feel about the flower oics!! I took another 200 today in my garden!! LOL... I am a bit obsessed I know! :)
Love the rhinestones! too!
Keep up the good work!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Lovely to see a post from you.
I enjoyed seeing the gorgeous photos of your pretty rhinestones, and the lovely Miss Gracie.
How neat that she spied the spider, and was able to warn you.
I used to curl my hair with the foam rubber curlers, years ago, have not tried them out for ages.

Happy week

Sheri Howard said...

I lovce Miss Gracie....cats just make me smile!

Karen said...

Love the shots - especially of Miss Gracie - oh well - yes THE BLING too!
We just got back from a very quick vacation and I just wanted you to know I took my calligraphy pens and books along and sat for a few hours practicing. IT"S HARD! I wish I could take a class . . . but I am going to continue to plug away at it
Thank you so much for the inspiration!
Big hugs! Karen

Olivia said...

those nectarines look delicious :)
really nice post! :)
hope you and miss gracie are all well :)


Tammy said...

Hi Sharon, looks like you are having a lot of fun in July with your photo assignments. Miss Gracie is taking care of things at home. :) And I always used sponge rollers when my hair was long. I finally got rid of them when I cut my hair short as I vowed I would never have such long hair again. Now I am back and forth on that issue at the moment. Those nectarines look scrumptious. We got back from NY yesterday and today are off to Ohio. Yes, another road trip. Best wishes to you, Tammy