Monday, July 5, 2010

Flea Market Frenzy


Oh, did I find some nifty things this past weekend at my favorite flea market. I always look for broken jewelry (as well as unbroken!) and lo and behold, I found two pieces of tiaras!


I’m not sure why anyone would cut the sides off, but that didn’t really matter as the best parts were still there. I am quite delighted with this find!


For some time, I’ve wanted a clear cake plate and just my luck, I found a beautiful vintage one at my first stop. I got it for a steal, as I learned when I saw others that weren’t even vintage selling for much more.


How heavenly is this pearly little clock! The vendor gave it to me for free, yes, FREE! He said he wasn’t sure it it even worked (does that even matter?!) and I had purchased some other items from him just prior. This won’t be the first clock I’ve purchased that doesn’t work; really, I get this for their decor.


Just odds and ends of jewelry pieces I couldn’t resist.


Rhinestone Alert!

Two beautiful necklaces not for the mannequin, but for me.


And two yummy bracelets… One skinny older one; and another new decorative one that I got at the Macy’s table. Yes, there is a vendor that sells only Macy’s jewelry that is past season and it’s all just a $1 or more but always a super deal.


More baubles…


And pearls, too! Two old necklaces of which one I can still wear and the other goes into my vintage pearl collection.


So I mentioned I look for broken jewelry; I have no idea what these two little pieces were, but they just had to come home with me.


Oh, Miss Gracie!

As you may know, Miss Gracie insists on helping with every photo shoot. However, this time we got into a little tug of war with the objects!


Party time! And am I not a princess?


Yes, I am! It’s a package of cupcake liners and 24 princess toppers to place on each cupcake. Guess I’ll have to have a princess party.


A couple of yellow flowers and two glass dishes handy for jewels or cashews!


Some pretty handkerchiefs called to me with dainty flowers sewn into each one.


Sis found some things, too. A glass chicken (rooster?) and bunny called her name. I know there must be a name for this type of item, but I’m not familiar with it. Do you know?


Oh, and I did get a bag full of linens which I’d love to show you. Unfortunately, Miss Gracie had other plans.


Another favorite find (how many favorites can a person have?) is this little hat covered all over with flowers.


This is the front but I really like the back of it too as it has light pink flowers in front yet brighter flowers in back.


It truly is the sweetest hat, but not to be worn by me.


No, you have to be a doll or Mr. Bear to wear this hat I think. It is a small hat but a beauty nonetheless.

Being that it was a holiday weekend, there weren’t as many vendors but it still took a good three hours to see all the booths. As I finished, it was starting to get pretty warm outside so we stopped down the street at Whole Foods Market for a yummy lunch. Another successful day at the flea market!


Olivia said...

what a beautiful post :) i loved the pearly clock!

i am a new follower :)


Honey Lamb and I said...

Oh Miss Gracie I love your new hat!!! Score on all the gorgeous bling!!! ~Shelley O.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I would be so happy to go to the Flea market with you, what a lot of gorgeous treasures you came home with. I love all the rhinestones, pearls, the clock and the darling hat. Well done, you got a nice lot.

Happy week

kana said...

I like all of your finds, especially the bling and the hat! Lucky you!!

June said...

Sharon I had to go get my sunglasses to view this post. The bling you found is awesome! I think that cake plate is so lovely. You really did find some great stuff...and I think Miss Gracie looks darling laying all over your linens. I love the pieces your sis found too!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll
eeekkk there are so amny fabulous treats in this post.
hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Indie.Tea said...

O those are darling! What great finds. (and Miss Gracie is just adorable)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

eekk is right! You got some wonderful finds...just gorgeous! Please join us for the FrenchGardenHouse Belgian Linen GIVEAWAY! ~Lidy

Cassandra said...

OH MY GOODNESS! The jewelry, the millinery, oh you are killin me. So stunning! I simply must get to a flea market soon lol.

cindy said...

LOVE that little pearly clock! That's adorable!!!!