Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Update


The weather has been beautiful this weekend! While walking through the neighborhood this morning, I came upon these pretty flowers.


It’s hard to resist a flower bed with such stunning color.


Wish my garden looked like this!


Meet my new bunny. While watering yesterday, I knocked over one of my bunnies with the garden hose and an ear fell off. Later in the day, it got so hot in the house (it was in the eighties outdoors) that I had to leave and get to some place cool. So, while browsing in an air conditioned store, this bunny caught my eye.


I especially love his pink ears besides the brown bunny coat.


And here is the poor guy I broke. As you can see, he had already lost a paw. Hopefully, I can glue him all back together and then he can be the no-booboo bunny.


While the booboo bunny has been tending my front garden, it has started to bloom again.


Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s going to bloom again after winter. I think the bunny has the magic touch!


These delicate little flowers started out white but to my pleasant surprise, began to take on shades of purple.


Tiny baby roses are blooming, too.


Everything’s coming up roses!


I mentioned that we’ve been having wonderful summer-like weather. Poor Gracie and Nipper, they were sooooo hot yesterday! They kept laying around in different places trying to keep cool.


Here’s my Miss Gracie under a table, inside the tablecloth. I don’t know if she was that much cooler but it was just one of several spots she tried.


Earlier in the day, I went to a few garage and estate sales. One estate sale was truly overwhelming as there was so much stuff in that house, it was hard to even move around. It was too much to take in, but I did spot this faux fruit and vegetable assortment.


I got the fruit and basket for just $6 so I picked it up for work. We create displays in our lobby to promote upcoming programs and events, so I’m always on the lookout for inexpensive props.


On my way out of that house, I found I had missed another room which turned out to be the sewing room. It was stuffed with fabric, buttons, patterns, pin, seam binding and so much more. I picked up these pretty, sparkly scraps of trim.


There was also this double-faced satin and a few more trims. You can never have too many trims on hand!

So that’s just a bit about my weekend. I did go to the farmer’s market and bought some purple cauliflower which I’m cooking tonight. I’m also making a delicious tomato parmesan dish and some asparagus. I’m sad that asparagus season is officially over – it just went by too fast!

I also took a little photo excursion this morning to shoot some colorful boats that I’ve been spying each day as I drive to work. I’ll post some of those photos later this week. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I love all the beautiful photos you have shared today. Your new bunny is very cute and the flowers, are delightful.
Glad that you were able to pick up a few things on your shopping trip.
Such a sweet photo of Miss Gracie trying to keep cool.

Enjoy the summer and the rest of the weekend,

Karen said...

Hi there Sharon.
"BooBoo Bunny"! How stinkin' cute is that? And now he has friend! Perfect!
The flowers are gorgeous! I just don't have that green of a thumb. . .

Poor kitties. Have you seen the portable a/c units? They just need a fresh air source and work pretty good. My son had one in an apartment he once rented. They were dying . . . so he splurged. Course the electric bill went up!
Sounds like a yummy estate sale but sometimes - all the stuff - all the people - UGH! And to think you almost missed the sewing room! That's where I would've spent the entire time! I'd probably still be there!
:) Have a cooler week!
Talk to you soon! Karen

Jodie (everything vintage) said... you NOT have air conditioning? I would totally die :(
What gorgeous trims...that's all you found in the whole sewing room? That's it??? You must have a lot of will power...I do not! haha
I sure hope you get BooBoo Bunny back together so your plants don't die haha too cute.
As for the photos of the flowers...AWESOME! They are so vivid girl, it looks like I can just touch them!
Glad to see you out and about and feeling better :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Sharon, all those gorgeous flowers and sweet bunnies! We have a dust storm again and I just hate it. My plants outside are not happy at all. And the street cats are not doing well. One of them is panting and cats don't do that unless they are really, really hot. I don't know why I never paid attention to them before. Maybe there just weren't as many as there are now. The three that I feed daily really must have been indoor cats that someone put out. They are so sweet and they love to be petted. I just feel so sorry for them as I am the only one who loves and shows them affection. I don't know what will happen to them when we are gone for 45 days. It just makes me very sad! I hope you have a great week. Enjoy your garden. Best wishes, Tammy

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Friend Sharon:
I know about no air conditioner yet i am fortunate living so close to the beach; the weather is much like San Francisco; always a bit overcast. Then I have a huge ceiling fan in the living/studio room so it is always airy : )
I love the trims you found; wish I could have been in that room with you : )
Hi's to Tina, Ms. Gracie and Nipper
Peace & Love

Debby said...

Hi Sharon, thisis such a beautiful post. Love the pics of your flowers and the cats are darling. Poor bunny!!!

Katsui Jewelry said...

Hi Sharon,
What beautiful flowers! I have been looking at some of the blogs on "A Swap for All Seasons." This was my first swap there.

I would love you to visit our blog, too. We aren't really all about our jewelry! We are only a couple of months old but are having a ball.


hose adapters said...

Poor bunny, he lost his ear and paw. Can't wait to see his back again.

Angelo H