Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers

may17-13 Flowers are blooming all over! One day rain, another day sunny and bright. Good for flowers, good for people too.


Gracie is relishing the sun each afternoon as it flows into “our” bedroom. Nippy remains on the couch, no matter how much sun comes inside.


Our local Whole Foods Market now sells wonderful bowls of mixed flowers. How nice to bring them home along with the milk and bananas.


My town has not had a lot of garage sales yet this year. I think it will pick up this summer. Can’t wait to go treasure hunting!


The last few weekends, I’ve purchased lots of fresh fruit and veggies from  the farmer’s market. It’s the best this time of year, with more great fruit coming in now. I also bought a pistachio French pastry that was to die for although I regretted eating the entire thing afterwards!


The rainy season will be over soon but that’s okay – these are just for decoration.


Baby roses in planters are blooming now, too. So pretty to watch them come up from my kitchen window.


If only my backyard roses looked so fresh, but they are out in the direct sun for most of the day.


I just love my new garden gnome. I like the mossy look of him as he stands guard near my front door.


I am fortunate that I have a window office at work. I can see the wild hares running in the big open field next to us (if I’m lucky) as well as see squirrels going by. Plenty of birds come by too, including Canadian geese, big ravens, sparrows, hummingbirds and your average pigeon.


The staff was quite dismayed recently when some of them witnessed an off-leash dog chase and capture a rabbit. I actually called the police (the police station is located right across the field from us) to report it as the dog was accompanied by a man. Turns out the man said he was training the dog in the field but could not control what the dog did naturally. One of our staff went out and confronted the man so he did not go anywhere. We are a large group of animal lovers at my office!


Now that it’s Spring, there are neighborhood ducks that wander around on our street. I haven’t spotted any little ducklings yet. Still looking.


I love my rusty, crusty little fence and rusty chair in the garden. Occasionally I hear people suggest that I paint the chair, but I adore the rustic feel of it.



  • My new Tamron 70 – 200mm f2.8 lens arrives tomorrow! I’ve been wanting this for some time and decided to use my tax refund to treat myself (after much deliberation).
  • Wednesday is a holiday – yeah for a day off in the middle of the week!
  • After avoiding colds and flu and being around plenty of sick people, I just got my first cold in two years. I don’t have any cold medicine but I am eating wintergreen Altoids. Do you think that will help? ;-)


T's Daily Treasures said...

How wonderful to have a day off in the middle of the week. It somehow feels like you work two short works when you do that. :) What's the occasion? Hope the day of rest will get you over that cold. Everything you is looking so lovely. And to see wildlife every day would be pure delight. I am feeding our street cats every day and one or the other is always coming up hurt. I wonder what happens to them when they are out there all alone. What mean people do? It makes me sad. I hope you have a wonderful day! Many blessings, Tammy

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Today is a holiday? Am I missing something while I rustle to get ready for work??? augh!
Enjoy your day off girl...go play!!!!
I'm so happy you settled for your lens...you are going to love it! That camera will now be glued to your forehead and I can't wait to see the photos that you are going to show us :))))

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What beautiful photos you have shared, love the baby roses.
How neat that you are going to get a new lens and I look forward to seeing some of your snaps.
Enjoy your day off! how neat and I hope that you are feeling better and shake the cold.


June said...

Sharon I'll send you some well wishes for your cold...maybe not as good as medicine, but mine is full of love.
I LOVE all your gorgeous garden blooms! Your pictures always delight me!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
As always, your blog and the super photographs are wonderful to gaze upon!!!
I hope all is well with you, Tina, Miss Gracie and Nipper : )
I am slowly healing yet it is really difficult for me this time.
Yes, Altoid Wintergreen mints will do the magic : )
Take care
I will e-mail you tomorrow