Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Days


So happy that it is Spring! I can hear birds chirping each morning as I wake up. And I have a whole pot full of pansies that re-awoke from last year.


These bright and cheery poppies made for a lovely surprise on the grounds of my work. Couldn’t resist stopping to take a quick photo.


My yellow roses have a wonderful red streak on the buds but they are all yellow when fully bloomed. Isn’t there something special about a rosebud?


Did you know the poppy is the state flower of California? When I was young, all of the kids were afraid to pick them as there was a law against it. Or least that’s what we thought!


My other rose bush has what are called silver roses. Really, they are lavender when bloomed but I love the deep color of the buds.

Now that I’ve shared my flowers with you, I’ll share a few thoughts.

  1. I’m not that crazy about Facebook. It seems that they keep changing the way it works and the privacy settings, so you never know where your information will show up. I am yearning for the “olden” days!
  2. So glad the weekend is almost here. I will have Mom over and cook something special for her. I’m thinking blueberry pancakes or maybe my special strawberry pancake topping on the pancakes.
  3. It is amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for you.
  4. My Spring cleaning enthusiasm has worn off and I need to get it back again. Let me know if you find it ;-)


Tam@BloggingBradleys said...

Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing. Tam

Karen said...

Great photos! Yes, it is illegal to pick a CALifornia Poppy!!! I've always been terrified! LOL.
If you find any of that extra cleaning enthusiasm around - please send some southbound!
HAGD! Karen

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Love all your pretty flowers and what a beautiful garden you must have. Pansies and roses are favourites of mine.
I don't actually mind doing housework ~ I love it when it is all finished.
Enjoy your weekend and time with your Mother.


June said...

Well Sharon I haven't got the bug either at the moment, but wish I would catch it soon too. Your plans with your mom sound wonderful and I do hope you all have a lovely day! Gorgeous photos as always!!!