Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flea Market Goodies


Spring is a wonderful time to go flea marketing after the winter lull. More vendors are back and there’s much to explore. This trip I picked up some odds and ends but had great fun perusing all the booths. I’m very proud of my $1 tomato pin cushion in perfect shape. Do I really need another pin cushion? Well, no, but for $1 I knew I could put it to use.

may2-2 Several booths had crafty stuff on this trip and I uncovered these two sweet chicks in a box. Very soft and cute!


This little nest was irresistible, all brown and gold. Every house can always use another nest!


Just for fun, I put one of the little chicks into the nest. It would be fabulous with some blue speckled eggs.


This silk ribbon embroidery was too pretty to pass up. Here’s the back-story: I came upon one huge booth that had more art and craft supplies than I had ever seen. It was actually quite overwhelming because there was just so much stuff. One of the people working in that booth told me that he was helping his friend, whose mother-in-law had passed away about a year ago. Her hobby had been arts and crafts and she was now clearing out the house and selling the contents. Oh, my goodness. There was jewelry making supplies, scrapbooking, painting, embroidery, paper crafting, books, ribbons and lots of general craft items. Of course, I don’t need anything as I could never use up what I already own, but it was fun to look through it all and pick up just a few things.


I found these two embroidery hoops with pretty little silk ribbon flowers that this lady had made. I’ve always wanted to make these on my own, so I brought them home with me.


One cannot ever have enough silver and gold ties. Always comes in handy.


Two little charm embellishments found in the jewelry supply box.


A little bag of ribbon flowers. I always keep a selection of these little fellows on hand.


This board has a foam padding on both the top and bottom of it. I have no idea what it is for but I thought I might be able to use for pinning ribbon onto it when I make my silk flowers. If you know what the real use is, please let me know! (This also came from that large craft booth as did the next two items).


Oh, joy! An old box top from a box of Whitman’s candies from long ago. The nice man working in that booth asked me what I would do with it. I can envision it being used atop a cigar box, or as a cover for a journal or book. I shared my ideas with him but said most likely it will just be another project waiting to happen, like so many others.


So the woman who had owned all these craft items made those two pretty embroidery items. But, she had two storage boxes chock full of every color of silk ribbon you could imagine. I bought just 30 of these and the boxes were still full. I am guessing there must have been 200 or more in each box. The booth guy said he would be happy to make me a deal on all of them (and oh, was I tempted!) but honestly, as much as I would love to have that kind of color choice available to me, I knew in my heart I would not use but a fraction of them, so I thanked him but said no. Kind of regretting it now!


Making my way along, I came upon another booth that had lots of buttons at just 10 for $1. What a deal! I picked these little ones out and left the big ones there. These just had much more appeal.


And for my last fabulous find, how about this vintage top full of sparkle?


I love the detail on the beading and embroidery, especially along the scalloped edge. I was sure the vendor would want too much money for this. I was guessing $35 but was happily surprised when she asked for just $8. Quite worth it, I thought.


The top is green and the embroidered flowers are actually turquoise although they certainly look blue on my screen. We are having a Vegas themed staff party at work soon and I thought this could be perfect. I just need a bangle bracelet to go with it!

So there you have it, just some fun items for this trips’ booty. However, let me tell you about some other fabulous finds I saw but resisted buying. My favorite jewelry vendor had a table of vintage hats from the 1940’s that she had recently purchased through an auction. The hats came from Chicago and were they ever fun. There was one hat I loved that looked straight out of a 1940’s movie. I could see Merle Oberon or Betty Davis wearing this fashionable hat with a suit. At $45, it was a bit too pricey for me.

My favorite shabby chic booth had an ornate white painted chair with the seat removed and replaced by a pot full of flowers. Gorgeous! At $65, again too pricey. I will look for a chair where I can create the same look.

With the beautiful spring weather we had (about 70 degrees), there were lots of vendors with potted plants and flowers. Very tempting, but without a wagon way too heavy to carry.

How about a Rudolph coloring book from the 1940’s? For $2? Yes, but it was about 18 – 24 inches wide and probably 36 inches high! So adorable!

I only spent a little money but enjoyed the sights. After arriving at 8:15 and finishing at noon, I was ready for lunch and a cool drink. Luckily, there is a Whole Foods Market nearby so a trip there for something to eat made a great way to conclude this little adventure.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What a successful shopping trip you had today.
I love all the things you got ~ aren't the tomato pin cushions lovely.
Also the silk flowers and all that silk ribbon - and buttons, gorgeous.
I have was wondering about the mystery object - it wouldn't be for pressing flowers?
Have a great week


T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! You did find so many wonderful things. It isn't often you find good craft items in one place. It's a little sad to know that this woman had so many beautiful projects left undone. It reminds me that I need to finish what I start and pass it on. Plus, it would free up space for all the other projects I would like to do. The ribbon embroidery is just lovely. And the ribbon you were able to get is just so fantastic. Enjoy all your goodies and have a great week. :) Tammy

Diva Kreszl said...

oh my you certainly hit the jackpot! I love all of your new treasures, what a perfect way to spend the day :)