Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anyone Have a Magic Wand I Could Borrow?


Neat. Uncluttered. Simple. Clean. That is how I want my creative space. Somehow, between April 2009 and now, I have collected too many items. And my formerly redecorated space has become… dare I say it? Cluttered.


Yes, cluttered (sigh). How does one choose which items to keep out and which to store away? I love them all.


I’ve read enough organizing books and watched enough organizing television shows to know that 1) I don’t have enough space for it all and 2) I don’t have the proper storage items.


But what fun I had acquiring each item. Some are gifts, some are swaps. Some are projects from workshops. Some are from flea markets and some are from my closet.


It really doesn’t matter where they came from – I like them all.


And this is only one area – you haven’t seen my floor yet. Once upon a time it all fit. I sense a big project coming up soon.


Leanne said...

Hey, depending on how much stuff you have, you could get bins ad have a bin for each season of the year .... or a bin for each month and cycle through them. That way you won't put them away never to be seen again....

June said...

Hi Sharon,
I am so sorry to report that you will just have to deal with that beautiful mess, because I tried to order a magic wand lately and they are on backorder for a looong time. You are in don't have to put anything away for now...because it is all TOO beautiful.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

But it's all so pretty to look at! I came over from another blog. Just say your name and clicked on it. So very glad I did!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Your place sounds like mine, I have too much stuff too and I know how hard it is to decide what to keep and give away.
Looks pretty great to me, and maybe just get some storage shelves.

Have a beautiful week

IsabellasCloset said...

Oh how gorgeous everything is!! Sure wish my studio was have as organized as your room!
Blessings ~Mary~ :-}

icandy... said...

Your workspace makes mine look like a dumpster!!!
What gorgeous details you have surrounded yourself with!! I could just stare for hours!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I think your clutter is beautiful. Mine is just a big ol mess! And I have dust to contend with. Ugh! Hope you are having a great day! Best wishes, Tammy