Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gracie Days


Miss Gracie was the curious kitty last week. As I set my camera down on the ground, she walked right over to it. She probably wondered why on earth I was putting it on the floor and pressing the button.

Well, the answer is that I’m taking an online class called Picture Spring where we are given a different shooting assignment each day for the month of April in celebration of Spring. This day’s assignment was to shoot from the ground and see what surprises await. I loved this particular assignment.


Empty shopping bags are cat magnets. I had a bag with a box in it and Miss Gracie was just dying to get into it. Once the box was removed, she promptly jumped right in.


Every day, I get “the look” from Miss Gracie when I am about to leave the house. So here she was the other morning as I was ready to go to work. I am just amazed at how much this cat loves me. If I were to stay with her and never leave the house, she would be one very happy cat. Even now, she is sitting nearby just waiting for me to finish so that “we” can go to bed. Well, I’ve got to make my kitty happy…


Debby said...

Miss Gracie is so beautiful! Always makes me sad when I am the last one out the door, they look so sad..


Really great pictures! Love those soft little paws and the look on her face in the second one is priceless.

dena said...

Awww Sharon,
Miss Gracie is such a sweetie and very lovely indeed!

Beth said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for visiting my site. I have been to yours before and saw the wonderful Miss Gracie. She's lovely! I noticed you have calligraphy as one of your crafts. That is one of my favorite ones and of all the crafts that I have done through the years, it never gets old or out of style. It sticks with you like a good friend! Thanks to you and all the other sweet ladies in blog land that have made me feel at home!