Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Who Can Resist a Cupcake?


Having a few days off this week, I took my mom and sister to Stanford Shopping Center on Monday. Cupcake shops are always on my sister’s list of places to go and of course I don’t resist since I want to photograph them.


We had not been to Sprinkles Cupcakes before but had heard all about it. It has a reputation for having long, long lines of people waiting to get their sweet bites of cake. It’s supposed to be the hottest cupcake store in Beverly Hills, although they’ve now spread to other locations.


I really didn’t intend to get one for me, but the banana with chocolate frosting just sounded so good. While Tina got a red velvet and lemon cupcake, the gal in the store was very convincing that we should get an even four.


So I ordered the flourless chocolate cupcake, too. I have to say that as cupcakes go, these were delicious although way too much sweet frosting. We scraped all the frosting off and trust me, whatever bits were left clinging to the cupcake were quite enough!


And since when has our Miss Gracie ever resisted a cupcake herself? She got a few licks in before she became distracted by something else.

We had planned on saving two for the next day but the label said not to refrigerate them and recommended eating them the same day they are made. We saved two for the next day anyhow! After this latest cupcake adventure, I asked Tina to never ask me again if I want a cupcake as I don’t need all that sugar. I’ll stick with my gorgeous Whole Foods cupcakes to photograph since they happen to be less expensive and just don’t taste very good!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Glad that you could have the day out with your Mum and Sister ~ what a treat.
The cupcakes look so good, but I am with you there, sometimes the frosting is too sweet and too much.

Happy Easter

Debby said...

They look so yummy!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like a nice day out. I'm not a cupcake person but if something comes along homemade, I'll give it a try -- especially if lemon is involved. An American lady here has a bakery here called Sugar and Spice and makes THE BEST butter cakes. Like the old fashioned wedding cakes. She makes teeny cupcakes, too, and that's about all I can handle. I'm with you! Too much sugar overload ruins the experience. (Except when it comes to Robin's Eggs at Easter, I can't stop at a just a few.) Hope the rest of your week is good. Many blessings, Tammy

cindy said...

I had one for my birthday and thought it was quite tasty...even though Sweet Hub kept saying, "$3.00 for a cupcake?" some sort of mantra....

yapping cat