Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Thoughts


Birthday Fun

Well, I think my birthday is finally over. Last Friday and Saturday I had birthday lunches with friends. My Saturday friend and I met at a Thai restaurant as is our tradition twice a year (once for her birthday and once for mine). We had a great time catching up and sharing art projects. I can always count on a hand decorated envelope and card as well (sometimes she even makes the envelopes!).


Oh, Miss Gracie!

Well, guess who this is? Yes, my sweetie Miss Gracie joined me for a photo session again last weekend. She just made herself comfy on the bed after plopping herself on my fabric backgrounds. I admit I can’t resist taking photos of her. She’s my constant companion and is always doing something. I’d love to get bunny ears on her for a spring photo but she won’t allow that. I guess I’ll just have to wear the bunny ears this year.

The rest of this past week has been quite busy. Too busy, in fact. And to top it off, a friend sent me the link to the live web cam on the owl’s nest and I’ve been hooked. An owl named Molly has hatched three baby owlets and two more are due any day. If you love animals, you have to see this.

This weekend I’m looking forward to finishing the tussie mussie for the swap. And with some vacation days, so much more (yes, it’s tax time again). Or not. After all, that’s how vacation days go.


T's Daily Treasures said...

What a pretty card! Thai food is top of my list of yumminess! Miss Gracie is definitely a star! When Jingles sees the camera, she immediately turns her head the opposite direction. Takes a lot to get a good picture of her. Hope you are having a fabulous Friday. Happy creating! :) Tammy

Debby said...

Your Gracie Girl is just beautiful. I have to get busy on my tussie mussie, what a fun swap this is. Have a great weekend.

June said...

Sharon I love it when Miss Gracie gets her picture taken. She's such a beautiful girl.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Glad that you have still been celebrating the special birthday.
Miss Gracie is so pretty and must be fun photographing her, she looks like she enjoys it.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend