Sunday, February 28, 2010

Welcome, March!


Why do I like the month of March? Most importantly, it’s almost Spring!


Flowers are blooming all over…


The outdoors are full of life from baby birds to butterflies.


Cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. It’s so beautiful to see rows of white and pink trees.


Wonderful produce begins to show up at the farmer’s market. Nippy finally gets her special strawberry treat after waiting through the cold winter months.

Not only that, but the Academy Awards will be shown on TV. Garage sales begin again. Daylight savings time will be upon us and we’ll have more hours of lovely light. And in case you’re interested, it’s National Noodle Month, National Pig Day on March 1, and Barbie’s birthday is March 9th. And don’t forget it’s also National Craft Month, so there’s a little extra motivation to create something for you or a friend.


Here’s wishing you a fabulous month of March! Do let me know what makes March special for you, too.


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Today is National Pig Day??? wow. I must go celebrate!

I love your photos really know how to get me in the mood for Spring!!!! I wish we had Cherry trees down here...they are gorgeous mixed with the beautiful blue skies...

Debby said...

Beautiful post! I think I am liking the month of March.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What beautiful photos you have shared today.
Love it that Spring is coming there for you ~ we have Autumn days and it is lovely to be a little cooler and pleasant.

Happy March

RoyalTLady said...

WoW! Those pictures are grand. I love strawberries best. Thanks for dropping by Sharon.

March? Mmmm lemme think, perhaps this is a month of more beadings, photography and of course blogging.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I think every month is special when I get to visit you each day! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for your lovely birthday wishes! We had such a fabulous time in Sri Lanka and I do have many photos to share. So nice to get away from the dust and drab of Kuwait. Wishing you a most wonderful week. Many blessings, Tammy

Karen said...

Today I was in the mood for spring too. Well, not really, but my yard was. Everywhere I looked were new pink and red blooms.
OK! GIRL! If you now have a MAC I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU GET FRAMES! For your photos that is. What program are you using cause it ain't iMac with iPhoto!!! And it isn't Photobucket!
PLEASE! I'm begging you . . . tell me!!!!!! Oh my gosh . . . I will give you anything . . . well . . .
:) Happy belated birthday! See what going out of town does to your social life? The stress of leaving . . . the work . . . the frantic days for a few peaceful ones . . . I missed all of it!
I'm glad it was wonderful.
Now tell me how you did those frames! (hehehe)
:) Karen