Tuesday, February 16, 2010

S.W.A.K.: Vintage Valentine Fabric Fatbook Swap


Well, dear friends, I am finally able to show you the wonderful fabric book I received in this swap recently. It was organized by Sarah of Gypsy Mermaid and she did a fabulous job putting it all together. Look at the wonderful cover she made to contain the treasured pages. It begins with a lovely padded heart, surrounded by ribbon and tiny seed beads.


I adore the seam binding ribbons that hold the book together.


After all, they don’t call it a fat book for nothing!


The inside front cover has the most adorable folded postcard with a pink button loop, personalized for this swap.


And when you lift it up, you see all of the names of the participants on the vintage postcard. Love it!


The first lovely page was made by Nerina Field of NicNacManiac.


The backside has a beautiful flower on chenille.


Second page: Sharon Giordano of A Fanciful Life (that’s me). I went with a red rose on velvet ribbon and lace.


Back page: A vintage image with red and gold trimmings.


Third page: Pam Kern of Frippery. A lovely lace covered heart and ribbon flower adorn this page.


Back page: Yummy tulle ribbons with pearls (need I say more?)!


Fourth page: Sandra Marotti of Sew Revived. Look closely – can you see the tiny red beads sewn onto the red heart?


Back page: XO – I love you, too!


Fifth page: Karen DiCapite of Some Days are Diamonds. Little pearls add highlight to this page.


Back page: A soft, velvety fabric hold the adornments just so.


Sixth page: Jodie LeJeune of everything vintage. The little cupid is aiming his arrow straight at the sweet girl, hoping to get her heart.


Back page: A personalized postcard for each of us!


Seventh page: Zandra Cudney of Scraps to Beauty by Zandra. The gorgeous glass heart on the beaded pin holds it all together.


Back page: A wonderful large padded heart takes center stage.


Eighth page: Kelley Logan of Teacups and Ponies. This page has soft fringed edges on a pink on pink vignette.


Back page: Soft, sweet angels for us to spy upon.


Ninth page: Sarah Huckman of Gypsy Mermaid. A sea of love theme adorns this page.


Back page: A wonderful chenille heart atop a page of vintage script and sparkly fabric.

And there you have it, the most wonderful keepsake. It was truly a pleasure to participate in the making of this book. I’ve been looking at it every day, noticing something new each time. I do hope each of you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

Next up: A Valentine cupcake for Miss Gracie. You don’t mind if I continue to display Valentine images, do you? After all, it is still February, one of my favorite months. Is it yours, as well?


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Oh yipee, looks like I might be the first to say what a beautiful Valentine fatbook.
It is so special and I just love all the attention to detail. Lucky lucky.
What a nice gift for Valentines Day.
I hope that you are having a lovely week


T's Daily Treasures said...

It is gorgeous. What a true keepsake. I just can't believe all the love and detail that went into each and every page. I can't believe you had to make 9 of them to share. I can't even sew a button. Just fabulous! Wishing you a beautiful day. Blessings, Tammy

Kerry McKibbins said...

I LOVE doing projects like this.I've done maybe 4 circle journal, swap type books. Getting the finished product is so much fun!
This is just gorgeous!

Karen said...

I sooooooo enjoyed this project. (But I will never use velvet again - too wiggley!) I learned so much and met new friends. It was sooo fun!
HAGD! Karen


This is so nice....so much detail...! I love, love, love it!

have a great day!

Lovey said...

Simply beautiful..oh how I'd love to have one too! Smiles...Lovey

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh my goodness, this is the most beautiful book I have ever seen! Such gorgeous details throughout...it is just magnificent!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment dear Sharon...have a lovely week!
Hugs, Carol Anne


This is some book! Love how big and soft and cushy and pretty, and gorgeous and etc.... What a blessing to have. Thanks for sharing all those pages of love.

Deb Harvey said...

What a beautiful book! I can tell that you all had a lot of fun, too!

February is my favorite month, as well! Not just because it's my birth month. Spring starts here in February and I love Valentine's Day.

Thank you for visiting my blog! :-)

stephanie said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love the participants' names on the vintage postcard...Just a treasure...

Jodie LeJeune said...

I loved this so much Sharon...it was so much fun!!! I hope to do one again soon but next time we HAVE to get Kana in the action too!!!!
everything vintage

Teacup Mosaics said...

Oh Sharon, you have started my morning perfectly, I have been enjoying your blog and having coffee. Sending you a very tardy THANK YOU for your beautiful page in the Vintage Valentine Fat Book, I love the red rose and the vintage lace. I too have a bday in feb. 2/21, sending you belated Happy Birthday, it looks like you had a fab time with your sister.
I loved the VV swap, not only do I have a new treasure but new blog friends too.
Happy Weekend!