Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Little Bit More Christmas – The Finale


So many Santa’s! Today we’ll look at more of the collection – just a sampling from among the hundreds of ornaments and displays. This Santa is from another large stuffed display – notice how intricate all the detail are on it.


Just a whimsical Santa on an artsy reindeer flying in the air!


A sweet Santa with bear under the tree.


Love the bright, shiny sheen on this ornament.


The Santa on the right is painted onto a surface.


Love this fella! Isn’t he just cool?


Swingin’ on the moon…


An almost naked Santa – too funny! I think it’s “weight-lifter Santa”.


What rosy cheeks and blue, blue eyes.


Santa Bell!


A wonderfully curly beard of fiber adorns this Santa.


Very elegant, this painted egg has glittering gold embellishment.


Santa angel swings in the kitchen, held afloat by his wings.


Tell him your wish for Christmas, and it will be granted.


Our lovely hosts, Bruce and Carole who know how to put on a party. Food, friends and fun, it was a splendid event and a wonderful way to begin the new year.

I hope you enjoyed viewing some of their Santa collection. It really must be seen in person – it truly is a sight to behold!

If you would like a peek at the party and some of the decor, you can check out this video taken by their good friend, Rick!


aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
Beautifully magnificent!!! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be in person : )
I will e-mail you later as my e-mail has been compromised and it is spamming my address book. I will close that e-mail account down. In over 13 years this is my oldest account and this is a first for me. I apologize if it caused you any problems!!!

sew revived said...

Hi Sharon!
Happy New Year! Looks like you had a happy time. Those Santas are truly amazing!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I bet it was such a magical evening being surrounded by all those wonderful Santas; great friends and great food. Hard to believe we've already gotten through more than a week in the new year. Blessings for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

kana said...

Oh, I do love Santa! Hope you are having a happy New YR so far.

carole Donnelly-Battey said...

Dear Sharon,

What a fantastic job you did on this photo essay of our little Santa collection. We loved the way you framed each shot and the cleaver phrasing under each. Cheers to you & Miss Gracie. Love Carole & Bruce