Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beads, Beads and More Beads


Last fall, I attended a jewelry workshop one night after work. The class was about making resin pendants but I spied all these fabulous beads for other classes on the counter behind us.


The colors were magnificent so I took out my you-know-what (trusty iPhone) from my purse and grabbed a few shots.


The beads were color coordinated showing gradations of the rainbow.


These fabulous little beads sort of remind me of Christmas balls, don’t you think?


I would have loved to have dipped into these bins of beads. There were so many that just made my mouth water, they looked so full of goodness.


While I haven’t really gotten into jewelry making (hey, it’s tough enough having a zillion other hobbies!), I have been using different beads from my flea market finds for the velvet ribbon bookmarkers that I’ve made recently.


New or old, beads make a grand adornment for so many projects. Not only can you make jewelry, but you can sew them onto fabrics or glue them onto paper projects. A little glitter, a few beads…I think it’s just what every girl needs.


T's Daily Treasures said...

I don't have the jewelry-making gene that my cousin does :) but love all the colorful beads. Wishing you a day of rainbows and sunshine. Blessings, Tammy


Ha! I am the cousin that Tammy is speaking of. Beautiful beads. I haven't been in the mood lately to make any jewelry... but this is inspiring.

Miss Gracie's House said...

Those are so pretty...and the possibilities endless! So glad you stopped by...

My Grama's Soul said...

Lovely photos! I'm thinking about taking a jewelry making class later on this week. We'll see if I sign up. Just like you, I seem to have too many irons in the fire.



Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What beautiful photos of such pretty beads.
Just imagine all the wonderful jewelery you could make with them.

I hope that you are having a great week

junkdreams said...

Ohhhhh.....I so love those beautiful beads.
Happy day.

icandy... said...

Oh, yes Sharon!!
Glitter and beads can really be a girl's best friend! :) I think that they are all sooooo yummy looking, my favorites are the tiny blue ones and pinks in the last picture!
I am brainstorming... might need to take out some of mine! How inspiring!

Marrianna said...

Sharon - the beads are lovely. You always take great photos and display them so well. I also just read about your tea parlour closing. We don't have tea parlours in Flagstaff so that must have been a nice treat.

Where did you get the frames for the images in this post? I have a few frames that I have yet to import into PhotoShop that I got from some online place. I like the Polaroid frames and the elegant transparent frames.

Great job, as usual.