Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spreading a Little iPhone Love


Somebody was a very good girl this year and made it to the top of Santa’s “Nice” list. Congrats to Miss Jodie, who just got an iPhone! I told you that you would love it. And yes, Jodie, you will sleep with it, believe me. It is so addicting. Today, our IT department added iPhone remote to my phone so I can now access my work email on it from wherever I am. Honestly, I’m not sure I want that feature!

One cool app I have to recommend is Shazam. Simply hold your iPhone up to any radio or speaker that is playing music and Shazam will respond back with the name of the song, artist, album, biography and more. How cool is that? So here are a few reasons why I “heart” my iPhone:

  • I can check and send email from anywhere (including my bed!)
  • I can take photos when I’m out and about and send them to people
  • I can see who is calling me once I’ve placed their photo in my contacts (their face appears on the screen)
  • I can check the web when I’m out and about (say I want to find a shop, phone numbers, directional maps, restaurants, movie times, etc.)
  • It takes video! So far, I’ve only practiced doing a few of Nippy rubbing her head on the celery but I plan to do more
  • Apps, apps, apps! Over 100,000 available in many different categories. So far, some of my favorites are: Facebook, AP Mobile, Target (find the sales each week!), Flixster (for current info on movies including locations, times, ratings and more), Craigsphone (so I can locate garage sales), Shazam, Red Laser (hold up any UPC code and it finds the product price and availability), CamZoom (to zoom in when taking photos), The Weather Channel, Wikipanion…. oh, I have to stop now, there’s just too many!
  • It’s also an iPod so I can listen to music anytime
  • I always have something to do when I’m waiting somewhere (except at a stop light, of course)
  • It’s made by Apple. Apple = Intuitive and that makes it soooo simple

Now, maybe you are telling yourself, “well, I can do that too”. However, I barely used my old cell phone except to make an outgoing call once in a while. I didn’t even know its phone number! So all these kinds of features are new to me. Yes, I have finally joined the modern age. (Note to self: change the “bark” ringtone so Gracie and Nipper won’t get scared and go running down the hall anymore).

I haven’t used my new iMac very much yet (still need to get data transferred from my pokey PC) but I can say I’m loving that too. I feel like such a dinosaur – I was so amazed at the whole iChat feature. I did a video chat with my niece in Washington and it was so flawless. There she was, in clear living color on my screen and we talked for two hours. Since we don’t see each other very often, it was really great to be able to see each other and talk instead of just emailing or talking by phone. Of course, I held Miss Gracie up to the screen to show her off and just pointed the screen towards Nippy who was sleeping in her pink donut bed (natch). So Miss Jodie, listen closely…I think there’s an iMac that might be calling your name.


Jodie LeJeune said...

You ARE killing me Sharon!!!
I have NOT even downloaded one song, one photo nor one ap yet! I'm still learning how to "get around" with it.
I've been playing with it so much, I haven't even thought of the post that I have to do on the watermark...I have NO idea what I created!!! haha Does the iPhone have an ap for that??? haha
You'll need to email me and give me your phone number please.
Have a Happy New Year and thank you for helping me get into this modern technology stuff!!!! I really do think that I'm going to love it.
everything vintage

T's Daily Treasures said...

Is Big Brother living in that iphone? Sounds like it can do way too mucy! My husband's birthday is the 4th of January and he hinted that an iphone for his birthday would be a good idea. In fact, he announced to the kids that was what I would be buying for him. And then he said I didn't need to get the most expensive one. I could get the one that costs only 150-kd which is close to $500! I am not a gagdet girl, so I wouldn't even know where to go buy one. I guess I would have to ask my 14 year old for advice on that. I'm not sure I'm taking the bait yet, though! Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy

Kerry McKibbins said...

I'm so glad you love your iPhone. I recently put the Kindle app on my iPhone. Lovin' it!!! Enjoy!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
That is so cool that you have and love your iphone : )
My youngest daughter has one and loves it too.
I am hoping to get an Android by Google this coming year (maybe).
It has been many years since I celebrated New Years in a party setting; I like being in bed watching television : )
So Happy new Year to you, Gracie, Tina and Nipper : )
Hugs and peace