Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Miss Gracie, My Little Helper


Yes, the paws are on the ribbon. And her mind is whirling. What can I grab next? What fun!

Yes, crafting = kitty fun.


This is the “who, me?” look. So innocent, until I turn my back! Regardless, she is my little helper. While she wanted to play with the ribbons and embellishments, she also wanted to sit under the Ott light. Normally, there is a regular lamp with an incandescent bulb which gets very warm. She loves to sit under that lamp. However, I kind of fooled her with the Ott light as the bulb is different and there is no heat to warm her fur. Well, there’s still play time!

Most of the holiday gifts above are for my staff at work. This Thursday, I am having them over to my house for an annual end-of-year appreciation lunch. So no close ups of the finished pieces just yet; I’ll post them after I give them out!


Diva Kreszl said...

Miss Gracie is just too cute...I have a few furry 'helpers' myself!

maría cecilia said...

Dear Sharon, may you have a very, very HAPPY CHRISTMAS together with the ones you love and love you, and may next year brings to you lots of happiness, harmony and blessings.,
con mucho cariño
Maria Cecilia
p.s. your kittie is a lovely one!!!

kana said...

You sure do have cute helper! Juju would only run away with the ribbon and then attempt to eat it!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Jingles does not help. Last nite, I heard a crash at 1:30 am. I guess that would actually be way too early this morning. Somehow, she had dragged a Santa basket of pinecones into the tv room, tipped the whole thing over and proceeded to bat them around, knocked the wooden reindeer right out of his back legs and ornaments off the tree into the living room. She is a crazy cat! Your gifts look lovely. How nice for your staff to receive a handmade gift and dinner. Best wishes, Tammy

blushing rose said...

These little critters so love to 'create', don't they?

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Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~Marydon

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Awwww, Miss Gracie is precious, I love the "who me?" expression on her face, so cute!
From what I can tell, your gifts look beautiful and everyone will be thrilled to receive them!
Merry Christmas sweet Sharon!
Hugs, Carol Anne