Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Christmas Decor


No, there’s no Christmas tree in my house this year. But that doesn’t mean there are no decorations. I got my boxes down from the garage last week and selected some decorations to put up. This holly sprig is now adorning the ribbon around my mannequin’s waist in the kitchen.


Oh, I wish I had a big tree like this! It’s just a pretty white candle atop a shelf, surrounded by photos and a little Christmas bear.


A sweet bird sits atop the topiary. I really love this topiary plant which has little white twinkle lights on all three green balls. Unfortunately, Nipper knocked the topiary over last year and now only one ball lights up. Note to self: purchase some new twinkle lights while they are still in the stores! So how did you decorate this year?



Marydon Ford said...

What clever little decorative touches, so pretty & festive.

May your holidays be blessed & beautiful ~

Merry Christmas ~
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TTFN ~Marydon

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
I love the bird!!!
Wouldn't it be nice to have a huge tree like the pretty candle tree?
I do not have a tree either yet our hearts are full of merriment and cheer : )
You have a lovely time and I will e-mail you later.
peace & hugs

My Grama's Soul said...


Even though you did not put up a tree this year, your decoration are really lovely. Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful things.

Merry Christmas,


T's Daily Treasures said...

Simple little touches can sometime make the most impact. My house is such a jumble all the time that everything just sort of gets lost. I need to organize and simplify big time! Have a great evening! :) Tammy