Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas at Hillsdale Shopping Center


Once again, my trusty iPhone has come in very handy. Recently I was shopping at our local shopping center and saw some incredible Christmas displays. So I whipped out the iPhone and snapped some photos. Above is a display in the Macy’s window. I wish I had a fireplace like that!


More from Macy’s… a sparkling tree and shiny presents.


Near this window, they also had some kitties from the SPCA for adoption. I do hope they all found good homes.


I love looking at all the displays and usually find myself wanting to purchase the display items that are made just for the window displays.


In the middle of the mall, there was a large display that was Santa’s village as he was nearby. These ultra special animals surrounded the village.


They are super fabulous and I couldn’t resist getting their photos.


Look at how elegant each one is, dressed in their finest clothing for the holidays.


Kind of reminds me of the Nutcracker ballet. If you haven’t seen that, I highly recommend it as it is a delight during the holiday season.


This is the village area where those wonderful animals are located. You can make out some of them if you look very closely. It looks small here, but trust me when I say it was much bigger in person and those special animals were much bigger than me.


And of course, there is a very large, tall tree in the middle of the mall.


I was so mesmerized by the decorations, I barely noticed Santa!


There was even a large, life size nutcracker. Can you even imagine the size nut that he would have to crack?


And finally, some happy elves greet people as they enter. Once again, I’m pretty pleased with the results of the iPhone camera – it’s great to be able to capture some images when I’m out and about without my Nikon. It was a lot of fun taking these. I tried not to spend too much time at the shopping center but I have to say the decor was just amazing and I enjoyed seeing it. It just made me happy and I hope you enjoyed taking this little tour with me.



Love those dressed up animals! How fun! Blessings!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Good Morning Sharon!
I have officially received notice that Santa has returned home in preparation for Christmas 2010...FROM MY NEW IPHONE! Yes!!!! The boys...oops I mean Santa! Brought me one for Christmas!!! Well, actually...I have the Otter Box in my hand and only a gift card for an iPhone 3G(s) because our little AT&T outlet was out of stock so I have to go to the "big" store and pick it up!!! yay! The only problem is...I think I'll wait until after the mad rush of returns are over and the kids go back to school. Then maybe I will be lucky to go to the store and have some little college student take 3 hours with me to teach me how to use this fancy gadget!!! haha
But I'm so happy and thank you for suggesting it. If you love it, I know I'll love it too. However, I REALLY don't think I will be sleeping with it at night ;)

I love to look at the mall decorations...they are always soooo beautiful and make me feel like a kid again. Since I didn't get to do that this year, thank you for taking me along!!! Beautiful photos...will I be able to do that with my iPhone too? If so, I may as well throw away my Nikon! haha JUST KIDDING!!!!

Oh Sharon, you are such an inspiration...{sigh with a smile}

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Jen Kershner said...

Those decorations are fantastic! I'm not one for the mall at this time of year but I think I'd make a special trip just to see them!

Emily-Claire said...

Those are great decorations! I especially love the first photo.

I hope you and Miss Gracie had a wonderful Christmas!!! :)

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
I love the window scapes you photographed with your handy iphone : )
I love the animals in their smoking(?) jackets; marvelous colors.
Have a great weekend!!!
peace & love

T's Daily Treasures said...

What a great little holiday tour! We don't have anything quite so festive around here. But my girlfriend went to Dubai for several days and took a photo with every Christmas tree she could find and believe me, there were plenty. Your iphone does take excellent pictures. Those last couple are cute enough for next year's Christmas card! Love all you embellish your photos too. I still have so much to learn when it comes to gadgets. I certainly don't need an iphone thrown into the mix. HA! I see that Jodie got one and is over the moon about it. I got a new printer with scanner -- that's gonna keep me busy enough. Thank goodness for 14 year old sons who can figure just about anything out. Hope that you are having a most wonderful weekend. Happy Holidays! Tammy

kana said...

Ohhhh...I like those Christmas decorations! Hope you had a great day!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Many thanks for taking us on a tour and showing the wonderful Christmas window displays and decorations.
How wonderful ~ The iphone does take a good photo, I have often done the same when out and about.

I hope that your Christmas was wonderful.
Enjoy the holidays


maría cecilia said...

Hi Sharon, wonderful christmas decor!!! I bet you felt like a little girl out there!!!
Maria Cecilia