Monday, November 2, 2009

Silver Bella Shabby Bella Ornament Swap: Complete!

Yesterday, I finally finished the shabby bella ornaments. Pink, silver and cream with glitter, a wonderful color combination.

Some satin ribbon, tinsel, faux crystal danglies and my favorite ingrediant, glitter!

Do you think I made these alone? Nooooo..... of course not. My trusty crafting companion was with me to "help", as usual.

Here is Miss Gracie as she finishes tying on the tinsel hanger. Isn't that just so sweet of her?

And here she is making sure the crystal dangly is nice and loose so it swings appropriately when it is hung up. She's great on quality control as long as she is not trying to eat the goods.

Are we done yet? Are there more? Miss Gracie is waiting for her next assignment.

So we bagged up the ornaments in tissue and glassine envelopes. I had to do this part because it's not too easy for Miss Gracie to fold paper with her paws.

Of course, Miss Gracie was able to help tie the pink rat tail and was more than happy to do so.

And so we tied up the packages and lined them up so Nipper would not get into them.

Lastly, we made little nametags for each with pink gouache on watercolor paper, trimmed with scalloped edges and glitter. Nipper tried to eat the paper trimmings so we made her leave the room. Naughty Nipper!

And then we were done. Whew! To celebrate, we had raspberry-apple turnovers. Miss Gracie loves pastry and she couldn't wait until I finished my part so she could have her pastry crumbs. She earned them, so I was happy to share with her.

I hope my Silver Bella swap partners like the ornaments made with love by Miss Gracie and me!


T's Daily Treasures said...

Absolutely beautiful! You have been busy! Miss Gracie is so sweet to help with every project you undertake. HA! Anyone should be proud to receive such a lovely gift (I hope Jodie doesn't try to shake off the glitter) ;) Best wishes to you, :) Tammy

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
Wow, they certainly turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!
You certainly are ready to have fun at Silver Bella!!!
I can't wait until you come back, exhausted & happy, and show us photographs.
Now, you and Miss Gracie take a minute and rest
: )

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

How pretty... they shall glisten on the tree.

June said...

You know Sharon, I had a feeling that these were going to be amazing, I just didn't know that they would be this amazing! You and Miss Gracie definitely out did yourselves with these beauties. I LOVE them!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness! What gorgeous ornaments and packaging! :) Miss Gracie is as helpful as she is adorable, I see. :)

Draffin Bears said...

Oh so pretty, Sharon!
You and Miss Gracie must be so proud to have all your gifts finished.
I love the ornaments and they are packaged up so beautifully.


icandy... said...

Miss Gracie was such a big help! The ornaments turned out just beautiful!!!!
Christina :)

cindy said...

So very pretty, I know they will be thrilled. I hope you have a wonderful time!

yapping cat

Jeanneoli said...

Just beautiful and your wrapping was gorgeous too!!