Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver Bella - Part II

With much excitement and a little nervousness, I left San Francisco Wednesday morning for a short flight to Denver. Once in Denver, I met up with my roommate, Kana from Tennessee, and we flew together to Omaha. Kana and I connected several months ago when we were both looking for a roommate and had been emailing constantly since then. It was so fun to finally meet her and we got along great. She is a real sweetie and I lucked out having her as a roommate and friend. That's Kana on the left with me in one of our classes.

After checking in, we went to pick up our registration packets. We were in the elevator when two women got in and one said “Sharon?” I looked at her thinking “where do I know this person from”? I didn’t even think of the blogs! I guess I was tired already. Well, it was Miss Jodie from Everything Vintage and we screamed and hugged. I was so happy to meet her in person after emailing and commenting on each other’s blogs the past months. She is one fabulous Bella, photographer, writer, artist and person. With her was Robin Sanchez, who is also a super incredible artist. Since we were on our way to dinner, Jodie recommended the Twisted Fork in the Old Market. We followed her recommendation and I had the best fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy plus berry cobbler. After dinner, we walked to Second Chances, the nearby antique store everyone was raving about, but it was closed. The Old Market area is really quaint and I would have liked to explored it more. It has so many photographic opportunities.

On Thursday, our day started out at 9am with Scrappy Jessi's Bella Bus Tour. Jessi did a great job organizing the day, providing us with coupons for the stores we were visiting, a goodie bag with water and snacks and a door prize for everyone on the bus. 60 ladies went on the shopping spree starting with The Brass Armadillo, the largest antique mall in the mid-west. We spent almost three hours there, devouring all the bits and bobs in the many rows of booths.

The Brass Armadillo had lots of stuffed animals...

beautiful settings of home goods...

many booths with vintage Christmas ornaments...

curiosities like this suit of armour...

more Christmas items...

like these beautiful bulbs...

a collection of glass cats (of course I thought about my Miss Gracie!)...

and a gorgeous feathered Christmas tree.

There was so much, you could not see it all so I perused looking for things that struck my eye. Among my finds were a blue rhinestone necklace and a few pins. I didn't want to buy anything that I could not fit in my suitcase to take back.

I also found several old postcards from the early 1900’s that Jody pointed out to me. She had come upon a box full of these unique postcards, many with writing on the back.

They have beautiful graphics and sentiments on them. They would be wonderful to display just as they are as well as using in artwork.

Can you believe the postage stamp was just one cent on these? Almost a hundred years later, and it's still a bargain to send a postcard.

After we left the Brass Armadillo, Bill, our bus driver, took us to Sgt. Pepper’s Italian restaurant where we took our group photo (photo by Tiffany… oh, I’m so bad with last names!) and then feasted on three kinds of pasta, salad and bread. Once finished, we walked across the parking lot to Hobby Lobby. We do not have the Hobby Lobby store where I live and I have to say I was quite impressed with it. It was like a combination of Michael’s, Joann’s and Marshall's all rolled into one. The Christmas department had a lot of great items and several gals purchased little Christmas trees in fabulous colors. They had lots of home d├ęcor items and I would have loved to brought some home, but I avoided that section since I didn’t want to purchase anything that I could not carry home. I did find some beautiful papers and bought a few sheets.

Our last stop was Archivers, the mid-west scrapbook chain. I had only seen it in magazine ads so I was interested in seeing it in person. They had a lot of items in there but I did not see anything I would want or need since I have so much at home already. So after perusing the store, I went over to DSW, the shoe store, to look for shoes. They had an enormous assortment, but none that called out to me. With more time to kill, I went to Ann Taylor Loft and purchased a pair of pants on sale. Time to get back to the bus and we made our way back to the hotel a little after 4pm. It was fun meeting the wonderful ladies sitting nearby on the bus… Sandra Marotti and her good friend Pam; Miss Lynn and her sister Karla; Elizabeth Shea and her sister Carol Ryan; of course Kana and Miss Jodie and some other sweet ladies like Stephanie and others whose names kept escaping me (I am so bad with names...hanging my head in shame)! When we got back on the bus, Scrappy Jessi surprised us all with a printed photo of the group that Tiffany had taken a few hours earlier. She had printed them all up at Archivers while the Bella's were shopping!

To be continued... next up: Thursday evening including a trip to the Glitter Lounge, dinner and the swaps(!).


Julie said...

This sounds like so much fun, I have never been so I am fascinated about the whole fun filled event...can't wait to hear more about all the fun you girls had at the Bella event...thanks for your kind comments, I'll be back tomorrow.....xo Julie

T's Daily Treasures said...

So much fun, so much to do and see. I got goosebumps when you said you met Jodie. Isn't it so great to meet up with "old friends" who seem like "family" because of the blog "connection." I would be in heaven in such a large antique place. The vintage postcards are fabulous! So great to be in the presence of so many creative and inspirational individuals. Thanks for sharing bits of your adventure with us. :) Blessings, Tammy

The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh you lucky thing!!! You got to go to Silver Bella and meet Jodie! I love your post with all the pictures-I feel like I was there. The treasures you purchased are beautiful-I love vintage jewelry and postcards too:). I can't wait to see more!



PS-I bet Miss Gracie was glad to see you home:).

Jodie LeJeune said...

Good Morning My Little Sweet Bella Sharon!!!!
This was a wonderful post! Such detail brought back awesome memories!!! I should have wrote every little detail down in a journal because I can't remember anything with my ADD! haha However...I DO remember the good times we shared this special weekend and I'm looking forward to doing it again soon. I need to get my butt to California and go play with you over there!!!!
Can you believe that I took about 5 photos of that gorgeous feathered Christmas tree too? Great minds think alike...too bad I couldn't take it home with me!!!
I hope you are giving Miss Gracie lots of love and I hope that she's not giving you that "cat payback attitude" because you left her! haha
I already miss you sooooo much~
everything vintage

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What a wonderful time you had at the Silver Bella event. How lucky and what fun.
thank you for sharing all your wonderful photos and so lovely to see you and Jodie together.
Love the old postcards and the Christmas tree and ornaments. I reckon that Miss Gracie would have been very happy to see you home again.