Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silver Bella Inspiration

Whew... after having a creative block the last few weeks, I finally came up with a design for the Silver Bella Shabby Bella Ornament Swap. The theme colors for this swap are pink, aqua, silver, white and cream. I chose to go with the pink, silver and cream because, well, I guess I can't get enough pink!

I spent hours yesterday searching for ideas. I have no idea where this one came except that I chose a shape that I really love. Once I had that, I then started pulling other items together until I had just the ones I wanted for this ornament.

After trying a crepe paper rosette, I decided what it really needed was a satin ribbon rosette. So off I went on another trip to Joann's fabric and craft store to purchase more ribbon. I must have miles of ribbon at home but not the one that I needed.

Thanks to my friend Sharen, I have this really cool metal adhesive paper that she had run through her Cuttlebug to imprint some beautiful designs. I punched out these pieces to use on the rosettes.

You have to know the bling is coming... so I have some crystals and...

German glass glitter (natch!) to adorn the edges. I'm probably halfway done with these but most of the work is already complete, thankfully. We are making 12 of these ornaments. Each one will be wrapped individually for each participant. My next challenge will be coming up with a pretty package.

And now, it's just three and a half weeks until Silver Bella! Still so much to do and it's hard to believe it is almost here. I'm looking forward to meeting my sweet roommate Kana of Kana Creates, whom I've been corresponding with for several months (and my non-roommate Jodie of Everything Vintage who just cracks me up). We are going to have a fabulous, creative time with so many talented ladies. Now, off to finish my swaps!


Laura said...

So gorgeous! I think I would have trouble coming up with an ornament design too!

Karen said...

Oh I am so jealous. Next year, I am so NOT procrastinating about going to SIlver Bella! I missed the boat this year!
Jodie is going to be my "non-roommate" at a function in GA next April! How fun. She just absolutely cracks me up too. Love her to death!
You ornaments are to die for! no worries there! How fun - isn't it grand when the inspiration finally hits! How many swaps are you in Girl?
Have a great day! Karen

June said...

Hi Sharon,
I would say that you had an amazing breakthrough, because these are going to be absolutely gorgeous. Do you dare put glitter on Jodie's? You know how she feels about glitter. lol

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

You are so lucky to be going to Silver Bella. It sounds like so much fun!!
♥ Rebecca

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Sharon:
Aren't you the one!!!
So on it about the colors and just the right embellishments!!!
No, wonder I love following you so much!!!

Jodie LeJeune said...

Looking good girl! I had to put my sunglasses on because of all the glitter! ;)

So is that what my Silver Bella peeps do? Ya'll talk about me behind my back because I crack ya'll up? ;)

I'll tell you a secret. You can't tell anyone though...
I don't have a roommate because I'm so scared someone puts glitter on my pillow. So if you come to visit me at the hotel, you will get a frisk down, I'm not kidding!
Did I crack you up again? I'm sooooo sorry!

I'm counting down the days until I get my hug!!!!!!!!!
everything vintage

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Oh how much fun you are going to have at Silver Bella and how lucky that you will get to hang out with our friend Jodie.
I love your ornament and that is going to be beautiful.

Happy week