Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flea Market Fun in October

Yesterday I went to the flea market and it was definitely Fall. The morning air was cooler and the light was different. Holiday items appeared throughout with lots of Halloween goods and a sprinkling of Christmas, too.

My fun find was this rabbit carriage. I fell in love with the rabbit head as it reminded me of a carousel figurine. And who doesn't love an old fashioned carousel?

I was looking at this and trying to decide whether to buy it. Did I have a place for it or even need it? I finally decided I could put plants in it and place it near my front door (plants still to come!). There were two other people who were just about to buy it before I jumped in and snatched it up. As I wheeled it around the market, it got a lot of attention from other shoppers oooohing and awwwwwwing over it!

But before I had a chance to place it outside, Miss Gracie jumped right in (natch) to explore. Isn't it just so sweet?

Next up.... more flea market finds including all the bling!


carole said...

This is the ultimate rabbit carriage. I have never seen anything this fun~~~I am glad you gave it a new home. Miss Gracie certainly enjoys it : )
Yes, it does remind one of a carousel figurine.
How fun

Jodie LeJeune said...

Sharon! This is tooooo cute!
The last photo of Miss Gracie in the carriage would make GREAT Easter card greetings!!!!
You made a wonderful purchase girl...too bad you can forget about the plants. That's Miss Gracie's crib now! hahaha
everything vintage

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What a cute find.
This bunny carriage is lovely and it looks like Miss Gracie thinks so too. Cute photo.

happy week

June said...

I'm with Jodie on this. That would be a great kitty bed for Miss Gracie. She looks too cute in there.