Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can We Talk "Distressed"?

It has come to my attention that some people do not get "distressed". Distressed is a good thing! While some of the definitions of distressed are less than desirable, in the world of decor and vintage, distressed is actually very desirable. What charm it adds! It says "I have been loved. I have weathered through time and it has been good to me. I have lived a life." Sometimes, we distress an item to give the appearance of age, and sometimes the distress has been lovingly created by time itself. In either case, it is most appealing. So if I describe an item as distressed, please take it as a compliment!


adjective - (of furniture) purposely blemished or marred so as to give an antique appearance.

noun - to dent, scratch, or stain (furniture, lumber, or the like) so as to give an appearance of age.

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carole said...

Darling Sharon:
I love it because in fact I am distressed; gray streaks in my brown hair, scratches on my legs, wrinkles on my face and I am loving every minute of being distressed. Thankfully I have lasted 60 years; that would make me real vintage : )
I love it!!!
hugs Girlfriend