Sunday, September 20, 2009

Got Halloween?

Did you guess? Miss Gracie has been having a fine time with the pink feather boa.

But she would rather eat it, than wear it! It has been hard keeping her away from the three special items. Here's another clue: you might wear these for treat or treat, but what are they made from?

Here's the final clue... what's that in the background? Miss Gracie knows... to see my creative challenge, go to the recycle center at Be sure to download the PDF instruction sheet!

Update: Only two of the three masks I created are shown on their website. Unfortunately, the pink fairy crown is not shown as there was a concern about it being completely kid-friendly due to the points. However, check back later and I will post a photo of the fou fou fairy crown!


June said...

I'm lovin' the glamour shots of Miss Gracie. She's is one beautiful cat.
Still waiting for the big reveal.

Cassandra said...

Oh my goodness how adorable! She is a doll baby! We have one cream tabby cat. Last night my husband said he wants a Bengal. I told him I liked that idea!