Monday, September 21, 2009

Got Halloween - Part 2

Earlier this month I was contacted by someone working on the California Milk Board account. They have a website called that has a section for Recyclables which shows how milk cartons and jugs can be recycled into other things. For their Halloween promotion, I was asked to create three Halloween masks.

The pink fairy crown is my favorite (natch), but unfortunately it didn't make it onto their site as there was a concern about the pointed tips being safe for children. To make the crown, I cut off the bottom of a milk jug, then trimmed around the top into the shape I wanted. I painted it pink, then added the embellishments including a crepe paper rosette, pink boa feather trim, silver ribbon roses, glittered chipboard pieces and more trim.

For this mardi gras mask, I used glittered paper adhered to the milk carton base, then embellished with trim, jewels and feathers.

I also created an "animated hero" mask which is great for boys. Check out their site and you can download the PDF instructions for the mardi gras and hero masks. Just click on the milk carton illustration at the bottom of the screen to see the masks and get instructions. This was a lot of fun and a challenge to turn the milk carton and jug into fun Halloween masks!


carole said...

Got Milk? WOW!!! I went on their site and you must feel wonderful!!! I like the crown too. The action hero mask is a winner for the little boys : )
The colorful feathered mardi gras mask is super and I can see a little girl holding it up to her sweet little face saying trick or treat : )
You are #1 to me!!!

YSLGuy said...

That's awesome! Congrats

Draffin Bears said...

Congratulations Sharon, that is really neat. I love the crown and masks, very clever.