Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweet Blooms

I was so delighted yesterday to see that my baby roses are in bloom again. A beautiful bloom with at least five more buds surround it. I adore the mixed colors in the bud of cream to yellow to reds.

My pansy plant was happy, too! When my plants are happy, I am happy.

While I love fresh flowers, it has been a bit of a problem to have them in the house as Nipper likes to eat them. I wind up putting them in the garage overnight so she cannot get to them. If I leave them out, she makes a snack of them. Well, at least she likes them as much as I do. That's one smart kitty.


Creations from my heart said...

You have a beautiful blog. I especilly love all the frames you put around your posted photos. Can you tell me where you got the frames from and how you added them. I have recently purchased photoshop 5.0 but haven't figured out how to use it. I would really appreciate any help you can be. Blessings...Sherry

carole said...

Hi Sharon:
Nipper truly has exquisite taste : )
As do you. I hope all is going well for your swaps and that you taking it slow so you will be relaxed. The pansy's are super to me. When I was little my Mom showed me their little faces and I have always thought they were special faerie flowers.
Cheers, to being Happy!!!
Hugs, my Friend

Cindy said...

we once had a stavia (?) plant that my one cat devoured entirely within a couple of days. GONE. thank goodness it wasn't poisonous!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sharon:
Your roses are so lovely, you can almost smell them! Lucky girl. ;-)

Stop by and visit my humble blog some time. I'm celebrating my 100th post with a giveaway.

I'm enjoying following your blog, too!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

Love your pretty little roses and pansy.
Funny that your cat would eat the roses.

Enjoy your weekend

The Victorian Parlor said...

The flowers are lovely:). I have the same problem with Kramer, he likes to nibble on fresh flowers and silk flowers alike!



cash advance said...

I really love flowers and I am so happy that you posted such beautiful blooms of them. Cool!!!