Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Helper Gracie

Here's my Miss Gracie last weekend, "helping" me again.

I have a white tablecloth on my workspace, but rolled it to the side so I could work on the table. What an invitation to get inside the tablecloth! All the better to sneak up on my ribbons and buttons.

But wait! I think I'd rather take a quick cat nap here in the warm sun.

Is this one cute sleeping baby, or what?

And here's what had her attention. All the bits and bobs, bling and buttons. Well, I really can't blame her. After all, I wanted to play with it myself!


cindy said...

so very cute!! :D

Jodie LeJeune said...

Sharon, Miss Gracie is too cute! How can she just plop herself right in the middle of your workspace??? I guess she just wants your undivided attention...she's so spoiled! You are such a good Momma!!! ;)
everything vintage
ps...whatever you are working on...oh it's pretty!!!!

parasols and maryjanes said...

Is there a sweeter face than a sleeping cat?
Makes one want to scrunch right up beside them. Mine would give me "the look" and find another place to doze.
Carol R

Draffin Bears said...

Miss Gracie is so cute and how could she not want to play with the buttons and rick rack braid.
Lovely photos.