Thursday, August 13, 2009

Le Veggies

Besides the flower photos I took at the farmer's market, I could not resist the beautiful vegetables too. Just look at the colors! Mother Nature is pretty great.

Love the red bell peppers. They add a nice zip to salads.

Have you tasted these small pear shaped cherry tomatoes? Oh my gosh, they taste like candy!

Sweet potatoes galore. Autumn is the time to bake these until they carmelize - yum!

Button mushrooms... another favorite of mine. How about sauteing them and topping a nice burger? Or over chicken marsala. Or even just in a salad.

Japanese eggplant are glorious to look at. I'm not a big fan of eggplant but what a unique vegetable they are.

Bell peppers tri-colore. Stuffed bell peppers would make a good dish.

I don't use these other peppers but they were displayed just beautifully.

So many peppers!
Rows and rows of different varieties. This must be heaven for a chef. Which reminds me, have you seen Julie and Julia (the new movie) yet? I've heard it's fabulous.

I couldn't resist the egg display. I had to ask about the purple eggs. It turns out they are duck eggs dyed purple to distinguish them from some other types of duck eggs.

Lots of chicken eggs but many duck eggs were available as well.

Nicely displayed and a friendly vendor happy to discuss the eggs.

I think this vendor was pleased when I complimented her beautiful produce. I'm sure she would have preferred I purchase it, but was very nice just the same.

If you'd like to photograph your farmer's market, go early before the crowds arrive and while it's not too hot. Try to shoot items in the shade, not the sun. Compliment the vendors - they are always happy to talk and enjoy knowing their produce is appreciated. You can't miss with subjects like this! I hope you enjoyed this little trip to my market today. For more farmer's market photos, please view the two previous posts.


Jodie LeJeune said...

Great photo op Sharon! Those subjects just sat still and smiled for the camera...yummy!!! Great tips for capturing still photography! Thanks for sharing!! So are you sure you didn't purchase anything...not even those purple duck eggs???
everything vintage

Draffin Bears said...

Loved my trip to the fruit and vegetable market.
What wonderful photos and colours.
Would not be hard to get your 5 fruit and veges, a day here.

enjoy your weekend

Katie - My Paisley Apron said...

Oh yummy!!! Those are gorgeous! I love to cook, and those are so inspiring to cook with more veggies!