Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Le Fleurs - More Farmer's Market Flowers

I'm so happy I brought my camera to the Farmer's Market on Sunday. Look at the colors! They are just too gorgeous.

The lady who runs this stand was very nice about me spending time in her booth photographing her flowers. I would have liked to purchase some but, well, you know Nippy. My floral delight is her breakfast!

So pretty in pink. I adore the touch of orange in pink and red flowers.

This bee was flitting from flower to flower very quickly. Luckily, I just happened to capture him before he buzzed off to the next bloom.

The weather was so perfect Sunday morning. Warm but not yet too hot. Monday was another hot day. And today, typical bay area weather. We went from "glowing" to needing a sweater overnight.

I adore the many colors that you'll find in hydrangeas. A few years ago, I read where there was a group of men cutting all the hydrangea blooms from people's houses during the night and reselling them. The black market hydrangeas!

While I had a field day taking the floral pictures, I also got some wonderful veggie photos. The colors are equally stunning. More on that later.

I don't know the names of all the flowers, but that doesn't matter much. You don't have to know the names to enjoy them.

Wouldn't it be lovely to have such beauties in your home every day?

I want summer to go on and on. I was reminded yesterday that its end is on the way when I saw the rows and rows of Halloween and Thanksgiving items at Joann's. Not a summer item in sight!

Beautiful blooming flowers, warm days, ice cold watermelon. Each makes me think of summer and feel it around me. Just biting into a juicy watermelon this weekend brought back memories of summers past. I will hold on to summer as long as I can! How will you remember summer?


Rachel said...

gorgeous flower pictures! I have the same problem with two kitties enjoying chewing on flowers...if I ever get some, they usually end up hiding in a closed room!

cindy said...

these are so beautiful!!

kana said...

The flowers are sooo pretty and I love the colors during summer time.

The Liberty Belle said...

What beautiful blossoms! Thanks for sharing such lovely photographs.

Jackleen said...

Beautiful flowers and such beautiful colors!

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely flowers at the market, what a treat for the eye. That is terrible someone going around cutting hydrangeas that do not belong to them and selling them.


carole said...

Hi Sharon:
Black market hydreangeas : )
They are a flower from my childhood and I love them.
I love all of the colours!!! Nature is magnificentin all things. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Creations from my heart said...

Thanks for all your photoshop help. I just read your post and your photos are beautiful and I love the framing. I'm going to try your suggestions. You are a doll! Blessings...Sherry

YSLGuy said...

What gorgeous photos. I love hydrangeas. They are my favorite.

Becca said...

Ahh, so pretty! Flowers are always so pretty to look at and take pictures of. You can't have too many! You have beautiful pictures!