Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Yesterday I had a fun day at the flea market. I spent almost four hours scouring it booth by booth. I didn't find any vintage ribbon or wallpaper, but I did find some other intriguing items. These adorable little hangers just might be used to hang ornaments. The spoon I bought for .25 is here for size.

I thought this piece would be great to hang items from in my creative space. I didn't know what the original use was so the seller told me it is for displaying cups and saucers. Well, of course! I'll be painting it an off-white before hanging it up.

Some great bargains... the frog was $1, ribbon .25 and the tiny birds .50. I'm going to repurpose the frog as a holder for cards.

A small, colorful plate that I thought could be pretty to hold trinkets.

I just love these tiny tins. I once found a whole lot at a garage sale which I had passed up because I wasn't sure I'd use them and to this day I've regretted it. So when I found this little set, I snapped them up.

The two forks were too pretty to pass up. I'm going to try and make a photo stand from them ala Jenni Bowlin style. I'm not sure how she bends the tines though, as the metal is really hard. I'm open for your suggestions on that. Also, any suggestions on removing the price tag from this lovely silverplated tray. I think it might be baked on permanently after being out in the hot sun!

I also found some old seam binding, a package of new Prima flowers but very vintage looking, and a few other trinkets. Down the street from the flea market is a huge, new Whole Foods Market. I was famished from my four hours in the hot sun so off I went to replenish with some lunch. Now, the pressure is on and I must focus on my Silver Bella swaps, so wish me luck in getting those done!


carole said...

WOW Sharon:
You hit pay dirt!!! I love the tiny hangers and hearts on them : )
Every once in awhile I see them and wish I knew how to make them from scratch as I have never found any I wanted to buy. You found some great items. The twisted metal stand for displaying cups and saucers is truly nice. And the birds make a smile come to my face : )
Actually everything is cool!!!
Take care

Jodie LeJeune said...

Oh Sharon!
I love it ALL!!! Finding those beauties and being famished for almost 4 hours was well worth the trip!!!!
The only thing I can think of to take the price tag off would be Goo Be Gone...I use it on everything but I'm not sure what it would do on Silver. Hope that helps!
everything vintage

ps...I'm wishing you lots of luck on your swaps!!! (because I think I'm in a couple of the ones you're in!) tee hee!!!!!!

Her Art Nest said...

Oooooooooh, those little hangers are adorable! Love how you frame your photos. Very pretty.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

I love all the things you got today, especially the darling little coat hangers.
About getting the label off have you tried soaking in warm soapy water or you can get some stuff called ~ De-solv-it. good luck with that.


Queenmothermamaw said...

You did do good. I love to go through those big ones too. If I go in I am not going to miss anything. Maybe take a lunch in your purse.

blushing rose said...

Very nice finds, Sharon. Now to see how you use them. TTFN ~Marydon

Caleen said...

Love your finds. Looks like a mixture of fun things. I am sure you will find some fun uses for them. love how you framed your pictuers. cute blog..

Becca said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- your flea market finds are great and truly inspiring! I love all of them. I know how you feel when you find something great, but then pass it up and regret it later. I hate that!

Anne said...

Oh I just love the wall hanging for tea cups & saucers that you found. I've started collecting a few tea cups. The little hangers are so cute. That's a good idea to use them for ornament hangers.

cindy said...

Great finds! Love the little tins too!

yapping cat