Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bella Kitty #2

So there I was, making progress on my fabric pages for Silver Bella. I left the room to do something and when I returned to continue working, this is the scene that greeted me. Another Bella cat, this one sleeping in the middle of my work space!

The funny thing is that I had placed these paper folders across the table so that I would not get any cat fur on the pages. Hmmfff! When I grabbed my camera to photograph her, she lifted her head and gave me some very sleepy, eyes half-open looks.

Here's her little feet as she continues to lay on the table with no thought of getting up. Her markings resemble that of a skunk, but she does have that cute milk mustache.

Nippy finally got tired of me taking photos of her and when she heard a crow outside, she got up to peer out the window. By that time, I lost my mojo and instead joined Miss Gracie in another room in the sun to read the new issue of Artful Blogging for some inspiration. Miss Gracie was one happy cat to have me join her.


flowrgirl1 said...

how cute. my cat always wanted to lay on whatever book I was reading.

Cindy said...

so adorable! :)

our cats (three tuxedo kitties) love to sleep in the strangest places...drawers, pizza boxes, etc...

i have yet to have any of them curl up on my craft desk though...i think it is just too cluttered for their liking...

Draffin Bears said...

Lovely photos Sharon.
Our cats always like doing the same thing with fabric and pattern pieces when you were trying to cut out.

Enjoy your week

kana said...

Maybe your kitties will finish the fabric pages for wouldn't that be nice? Loved the stretched out look!!