Sunday, July 19, 2009

Silver Bella Swap Sneak Peek

Two weeks ago while on my vacation, I began working on my first set of swap items. Having the time off was great as I needed it to really make a dent in this project, the Holiday Fat Book. Each of us must make 11 fabric pages (front and back) which we will send to the swap hostess. Upon our arrival at Silver Bella, we will received a completed book bound with ribbon featuring pages from others in the swap. What an exciting night that will be! I decided to use my calligraphy as a focal point on the page. I finished most of the cutting, sewing, ironing, adhering embellishments and have most of page two completed. I've yet to start page one but I made a lot of progress. That was, of course, when Miss Gracie wasn't "helping" me with this project by sitting on the fabric I was trying to cut. I must apologize to the Bellas in advance if any of their pages come with cat fur. Just consider it an embellishment.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

You calligraphy work looks beautiful and what a fun project.
How exciting it will be to get the completed book.
Funny how cats love to sit on your fabric when you are trying to cut it out.
Our cats did the same thing and they really did not want to move off.


carole said...

Dearest Sharon:
The book page is awesome!!! You are awesome!!!
Miss Gracie is awesome!!!
Your calligraphy is awesome!!!
Thank you for everything was splendid yesterday. I hope to be back up your in about a week or so : )
Isn't the flea marklet on Saturday August 1st?
We will have fun : )

Queenmothermamaw said...

Wow that is some project. Don"t think I could handle that but I love to see the pictures.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Sharon! Your pages will be so special knowing that you did your own calligraphy! It is gorgeous!!!!!!
I am FINISHED with my Holiday Fat Book pages. I took lots of pictures and I'm ready to box them up to send to Michelle. But first I have to think of something special to send to her for being such a sweet hostess....hmmm. I still have 2 swaps left to complete but they won't be as time consuming.
I'm going to have to post a sneak peek too...this is soooo fun!
everything vintage

Hope Ellington said...

Sharon...I love the beginning picture of your calligraphy for your holiday fat book. I am in that swap as well. I have to stitch around my edges and they are all has been quite an undertaking but I have loved every moment of it. I am READY for them to be mailed off though!!! Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella...hope I get one of your pages. Your blog is lovely.

The Vintage Rabbit said...

they sound fabulous!!! I hear that all the swaps are amazing!!!

I hope you have a fantastic time at Silver Bella!!!

Maybe down the road i be able to make it to one of these!!!

My friend Tricia w/ Vintage Bliss will be a vendor there!!!

can't wait to hear and see all about it when you return!!