Monday, June 8, 2009

Tea Party 2

Here are a few more tea party photos from last Saturday. The Country Roses china set is really sweet.

Muffy and Mr. Bear did not have too much to say, but I think they quite enjoyed themselves just the same.

Miss Gracie did manage to have a taste of the pink frosting, although she was a bit shy with all the company.

Nothing like a bowl of fresh cherries to nibble on!
Gracie sat close by on a chair prior to dessert. She declined the sandwiches but kept a close eye on the cupcakes!


carole said...

Oh Sharon:
You can weave a Fanciful story and in installments. You have imagination and set a very pretty table!!! I would enjoy coming to your home and having tea : ) And I would share with Miss Gracie : )
Thank you for visiting and saying hi.

Queenmothermamaw said...

We can have a tea party anytime. I love it. Had tea today with two of my littles and my daughter. I love Miss Gracie.

Brooke said...

Hi! So I found your blog through Fanciful Twist... OMG sooo happy I did! Love it! :) How I wish I could have been to the Tea Party.