Monday, June 15, 2009

Soft Colors of Summer

I began to adore pink and green about six or seven years ago and I haven't grown tired of it since. It's so fresh and sweet, I always feel good being around those colors.

When the sun shines through in the afternoons, it gives the room a dreamy feel. Even the girls love being in there. Nippy spent the afternoon on the pearl green blanket at the foot of the bed. She has a tradition of sitting in the windows and watching outside. The windows face another home and there is not a lot of action save for a few birds. But something always seems to have her attention. I should not complain since she is usually sleeping, silly cat that she is.


Queenmothermamaw said...

Ah Gracie she goes with the beautiful colors. I love those colors too. Found myself buying everything in that color green for years. But I always get mix and match.

carole said...

Hi Sharon:
I absolutely love green and pink together!!!
Nip appears to enjoy her window view : )
I like the mirror too...Is it old? Wrought iron? It ahs the "right" look.
Have a lovely day

A Fanciful Life said...

Hi Carole,
The mirror is actually a Shabby Chic item by Rachel Ashwell from Target. It must be a hard resin but I look the French look of it!