Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let the Mad Tea Party Begin

It's a Mad Tea Party celebration. Welcome, friends!

What a grand day it is.

I am the Garden Fairy, your hostess.

Mr. Rabbit says it's just about to start.

Mr. Gnome is glad you're here.

Oh, what fun we will have!

The frog king will join us in a while, just as soon as he finishes this chapter.

All forest friends are invited.

A little tea is lovely. Muffy and Mr. Bear enjoy having theirs together.

The kitties are happy to be here.

The cat queen is wearing her finest today, especially for you.

Oh, look who has fluttered by!

Nice landing!

Gosh, she is pretty.

Oh, and another friend has joined us!

A good view is had from above.

Time to eat soon!

Tick tock, tick tock says Mr. Clock.

The crystal swan is swimming in a sea of gleaming beads.

Just resting for a while.

Would you care for a chocolate?

Or perhaps a piece of cake?

Go ahead, take one!

Oh, wait! I'm just about to cut the princess cake.

Miss Gracie is choosing well.

Would you like your tea and dessert in the garden?

What a beautiful day it is!

I think I'll sit just for a spell.

Look who else is joining the party.

Oh, goodness!

I have a secret to tell you, my butterfly friend.

I'm so happy this sweet friend is here.

Mr. Bear, may I offer you a bite?

Now let me pour you some more tea, dear one.

We are so lucky to be together today.

Oh, Miss Gracie!

Hmmm.... what magic is needed here?

Let's just have one more cup of tea!

Of course I'll pour again!

Just say when, Mr. Bear.

Muffy loves the Garden Fairy.

Gracie wants to tell you something.

And she has something to say to Mr. Bear, too.

Are you a member of the clean plate club?

Let's use the golden spoon today.

Take a plate, please. We have extra guests.

Why, here's a seat for you.

May I pull your chair out for you?

If only we could do this every day!

If you need salt or pepper, the bunnies will help you.

This little teapot is for the fairies and gnomes.

Don't you just love it when everything sparkles?

Well, let's have just one more cup of tea for the day. The Garden Fairy enjoyed having you today; please come again! Thank you Vanessa for this glorious tea party day. Oh, and won't you visit the other tea parties today? Just start at A Fanciful Twist where all are listed. I hope to see you again soon!


Rose said...

How cute! I love the photo of miss gracie and the bear :)


Moonfairys Dreamland said...

Aaaaaaw, what an adorable party. It looks so magical and cute :)

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Wow! What a gorgeous group of party pictures! You did an amazing job on your party preparations! Please pour me a cup...I'll be right over to join you!

(Also, please come enter my GIVEAWAY! Just skip on over and join the fun! See you there!)

Christina said...

Looks like a lovely party! What adorable guests! (And those desserts looked amazing!)

I really like the cat queen doll--very neat!

Skellyton Art said...

Absolutely Devine! Thank you for making it so special! A wonderful Party! Please come see us for some tea as well!

Maggi said...

What special friends you have at your tea party! The Cat Queen is beautiful! Thank you so much for a lovely time (the chocolates were my favorite!)

You're invited to my tea party, please drop by if you can!

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

Thank you so much Garden Fairy for all the yummy teatime treats! You hosted a very beautiful party!

Cindy said...

this was so wonderful! :D and i love that the kitty was in attendance. and such a beautiful table setting!

Runako Designs by Dee said...

wonderful party, thanks for having me, all of your guest were lovely lovely and the chocolates were divine!

shiborigirl said...

Looks like a proper Fanciful Party. Mmmmm... thanks for the piece of Princess Cake. It was delicious (I must confess I shared it with Ms Gracie ;) )

Stop by my place for some adventure, why don'tcha?


Betzie said...

Wow, you make my little puppy party seem quite boring...LOL Such wonderful photos and I love your frames with those flouishes!!! You are quite the hostess...thank-you so much! I enjoyed my stay...xo

Chickenbells said...

Don't you just hate it when your guests walk on the table during your parties? Well...I suppose it's to be expected at a Mad Tea Party (especially from a mine does as well) Thank you for letting me sit at your come to mine as well...see you soon!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I had a very fanciful time at your tea party. The treats were delicious and I thank you for sharing. Have a nice day! Twyla

Cori G. said...

Don't you just love when all the forest folk come out for tea? This is such a sweet post.

Diana said...

IdaClare, what a great party! Gracie was such the party animal. Lovely things and such sweet guests! Love your outfit too.

fairiemoon said...

What a fun little party you had here Ms. Garden Fairy! You had a wide array of very special guests! Lucky you!

A Very Merry Unbirthday to you!

Erin :)

Melissa the Holiday Queen said...

Those chocolates are to die for! YUMMMMMY. What a magical party.

Marina Capano said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marina Capano said...

I love your such a cute cat!!!
I hope you in my party too!
visit me anytime...
Happy Mad tea party!

Carrie said...

Aw, it's all so beautiful! :)
I love your adorable cat.
And those salt and pepper shakers are divine!

Off for more madness...

Rhonda Roo said...

Wow, I want to come to your house to party! So magical and blissful! Lovely charming sweetness! Fabulosity!

Misha/DawaiOser said...

Hahaha...your cat Gracie is so cute & inquisitive. She made me laugh. What beautiful decor and thanks for allowing me to share in your special party! :)

Come by and see my parties when you have a free moment. (There are two. Guess I got a little excited?!!)

Pretty Things said...

I can't figure out what I like the best -- the birdhouse, the butterfly, the flowers, the cake -- oh my! You put so much work into this! (I feel so bad, I wanted to do something this lovely but was really... well.)

Anyway, I hope you'll visit my Tea Party and see what I'm decking out the party-goers in!

slommler said...

Wonderful party and a beautiful host. Thank you so much from the fabulous desserts!!

Jenny Fowler said...

Thank you for having us Garden Fairy. Your friends and home was delightful as were the treats!

T=ME said...

Too grand for words. Yes I do believe in fairies and bears and gray friends. Everything was so nice. Thanks so much for the special welcome! Hugs, Terri

Carolee said...

What a delightful tea party!! So happy to discover your blog!!

~ carolee

Sarah said...

I had such fun thank you! I am definitely a member of the clean plate club! Your guests were all delightful and so welcoming!
Sarah :)

Sue said...

Thank you to the lovely hostess for a beautiful Tea Party. I had a wonderful time !

Zen Cat Art said...

Great Tea Party! Thank you so much!
Gracie is a cutie!

Deborah said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Simply stunning! May I come live at your home????? LOVE lOvE LoVe your cat. Please stop by for a spot of tea with me, but watch out for Alice... **blows kisses** Deborah

LW said...

I am so happy to meet you at the event of the year…
Thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful tea and sweet treats…
I also loved the company Mr. Bear is quite the charmer indeed…

Have a happy tea day,

AwtemNymf said...

ohhhh- a faerie I've stumbled upon on my travels. Nice to meet you faefolk *winks*. Your party was enchanting. I enjoyed my visit! ~A~

natalea said...

What a fantastic and fanciful party! such a pleasure to visit! xo natalea

Geralyn Gray said...

Thank you for the lovely tea---I sat next to Mr. Bear and he was lovely company.

peggy gatto said...

This is my 3rd party and it's only 9 am!!!!! Iam so inspired by the care and love that went into your special party!
Thank you for having me!!!!!
Come by this afternoon your time and visit!!!!

kayellen said...

What an enchanting party!!!
and a beauitful table set for us all!

Clink clink to sweet Vanessa and thank you the treats:)


YSLGuy said...

What a great party!! I love your tea setting.

Tink is my fave too. I'd love to have that topiary in my yard, wouldn't you?

Happy Mad Tea Party to you!

michelle said...

Your home must be so pretty! Your party was just so fun! I have a piece or two of that pretty, pretty china. Love it!

Queenmothermamaw said...

Wow, what a beautiful post for your party. Everything was magical. Thank you so much for the invite. Blessings

carole said...

Hi Magical Hostess Sharon:
WOW!!! WOW!!!
I love Frog King!!!
Everything about your party is perfection.
Ooooh Wheee!!!
Ask Miss Gracie may I share time with her?
It is only 10:28 am; I hope all the treats last : )
Peace & hugs Fairy Hostess!!!
Your friend

She'sSewPretty said...

What a fun party!! I love your bears and your garden!!

rochambeau said...

A lovely tea, and beautiful hostess! Gracie on the table, that is funny! She wonders whats going on with all these creatures? Doesn't the fairy hostess know that 'I' am the all important one?!


Kaerie Faerie said...

Wings and Kitties, all my favorite things, what a fabulous tea party!

TesoriTrovati said...

How charming! I love the frog prince reading!

I am having a giveaway on my blog...come by and say hi at

Enjoy the day!

Gabrielle said...

Everyone's tea parties are beautiful, but your is really stunning, thanks for sharing!!

Daydreamer :) said...

Tell Mr. Rabbit and the frog king that I'd like to have them over for tea some time :)

*~*TWo PiXie DoLLs*~* said...

Your party was so fun! Thank you for a lovely time! I love your wings, they're very pretty!


P.S. I'm having a giveaway at my party, come visit if you have the time!

gemma said...

Thank you ever so kindly
I enjoyed tea in your garden.
What a lovely hostess you are.

Cre8Tiva said...

i'm here at last..thanks for saving me a dragonfly want to play with your butterflies...i will add you to my follow list...i am enjoying the parties and dancing my day away...i am having my tea by the sea...with flowers in my hair...come join me...hugs, rebecca/cre8tiva

Renee said...

You are a delightful garden fairy and I think your Ms. Gracie has perfect manners.

Renee xoxo

Stepping off the edge said...

What a lovely party! And how delightful is the music! I so miss the sound of the ol' victrola! lol- adds to you your wonderful day!
>:0) Tracey

Bella Dreams said...

I'll have a piece of Princess Cake in the garden please! A lovely party!

Shell said...

A delightful and beautiful tea party. I enjoyed meeting you Miss Garden Fairy and all your friends. Miss Gracie is a beauty. Seriously, I don't want to leave. Alas, I must. Please save me one of those little chocolate treats.

javajune said...

I'll take my treats in the garden please. Everything was so beautiful. I see you set a place for the little princess (my granddaughter). Her name is Giselle. I had a great time.

Nicole said...

Miss Gracie is so adorable!!! You have a lovely tea set, my dear! I'm so jealous! Beautiful party! And thank you for stopping by my party earlier!

Karin said...

what an amazing party!
thank you so much for the invitation!


What Happens Next said...

My goodness, what a lovely party!!

And Miss Gracie has a magical way about her. So sweet!!

xo Debbie

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

What a lovely and charming stay I had here at your Mad Hatter's Tea Party...Come by and have a spot with me and the gals. I love your music you have playing here and absolutely adore your home!

58 Cherries said...

Your kitty is so cute! A lovely tea party it was, too. Stop on by my party, too, if you get a chance.


apparentlyjessy said...

What a charming party, I really like your cat queen, and Gracie is a beautiful kitty!


LiLi M. said...

Thanks for visiting me and I love to have a cuppa of 2 around here! Your bear looks so sweet. Thanks for having me over!

somepinkflowers said...

i am ever~so happy
i popped in here to visit you!!

i LoveD your princess cake...

{{ i had 2 pieces
as i am most deserving }}

do drop by my place
for a visit
and help me get ready...


i am running a bit late
over here

on my garden wall!
please come help me

if you can...

TattingChic said...

What a lovely tea party! Such nice photos. You have a lovely tea set and were the perfect party hostess!

Heather said...

So whimsical! I loved looking at your pictures ;-)

pamelahuntington said...

What a lovely party,there are so many wonderous things here to ejoy! I even love the cupcake
on your blog banner!!

parasols and maryjanes said...

Your photos were a treat to see. I want to snuggle with your sweet kitty. He did not like the look of that bear at the table! Was he in his chair?

Karen Valentine said...

Oh what a perfectly marvelous party you have thrown! I'm so glad we were able to have tea together! Thanks for your visit!

My Desert Cottage

Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

What a gorgeous tea party! The frog king and the cat queen are adorable, as is your kitty. My kitties were feeling under the weather, so they were unable to attend my tea party. Thanks for visiting!

femminismo said...

You've put so much thought into your party. Everything is lovely!

Coastal Sisters said...

Absolutely enchanting! Gracie stole my heart!


HurricaneKassi said...

How delightful! Hi gracie :) such a cutie. I am absolutely part of the clean plate club. I had so much fun seeing all your characters. I love your outfit too. Thanks for posting

Lanimoz said...

Make and make believe! Such wonderful-woodland party...your bunny salt cellar is divine!

(army)Wife said...

Gorgeous photos! Thank you for this wonderful tea party :)

Her Art Nest said...

What a wonderful party! So glad I stopped by to enjoy your amazing photos. Just beautiful, and so inspiring. Great job. Hope you had a magical day. ~Nan

MagicMarkingsArt said...

quite simply ~ just a beautiful journey. thank you for your delightful and creative tea party.

Robin said...

So sorry I'm so many tea parties to attend. And such wonderful treats, I fear I will have to diet next week.
Aand your tea party is such a lovely tea party indeed....
Thank you for the tea and treats. They were delicious. I so enjoyed meeting everyone.

Have a beautiful weekend

Eve Noir said...

I had a lovely time at your party. All the treats were very yummy!

Have a mad day~Eve

SpiritMama said...

Bunnies and gnomes and frogs, oh my!
What a wonderful post and fantastic photography, thanks for inviting me to your party!

Jen said...

I just loved your party! What a beautiful fairy you are!

themagickbox said...

Beautiful party! I enjoyed my chat with Mr. Bear and Gracie. :)

mythoughtsmyvoice said...


You set everything so prettily. Oh I would love to be seated in such a table full of treats and using such fine china. but most of all, the company I'm sure I'll enjoy the best :-) And look at you. What a pretty fairy hostess you are :-)

(I'm new here and I just came from Vanessa. I has so much fun with her tea party that I was curious as to what others are up to :-))

Staci said...

What a fabulous tea party. I loved all the photos they were beautiful. Thank you for letting me join you. :)

dena miller said...

Sharon, Just Lovely! Please stop by and visit my Party @
Glad to have found you.
Much Love,

m i c h e l l e said...

Oh Sharon! How I absolutely adore you!

Your tea party looks so magnificent...with such dignitaries in attendance! :-)

And I love Gracie! I'm so crazy about kitties!

And of course I have to mention...LOVE your music selection! Teddy's Bear Picnic has such a very special spot in my heart...when my daughter was little, we sang that song constantly. I am proud to say I still remember the words!

Big hugs to you, dear Sharon!!! said...

OH MY GOOOOODNESSSSSSS!! You have outdone your beautiful self!! Your photos are sublime! Thank you over the moooooon! You music your wings your table setting! Your butterflies, I could go on for days! Thank you for being a magical part of Wonderland!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said... are the perfect hostess with your sweet characters and wonderful treats! I LOVE your I want one, too! heehee!
Fairy happiness to you today!

Beckie Holso said...

Your party looked fabulous! I especially loved Miss Gracie - she's gorgeous =)

Gourdqueen said...

Ahhhh what a delightful party! Gracie seems to have enjoyed it also! Where are her wings?

Mo'a said...

A truly magical and elegant Mad Tea Party...I will have some Princess Cake...loooove Marzipan :)
Interesting that they eat Pea Soup and Pancakes on Thursdays nights in Sweden...lovely custom and could live with that as I love both.

Jorgelina said...

What a delightful tea party!!
Absolutely adore you!
Bunnies and gnomes and frogs, beautiful!!
Very,very fun

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What a wonderful Mad tea party ~ I loved seeing all your photos.
Thank you.
The photos of Mr Bear and Gracie are lovely. ( My sister's name is Gracie)

Have a great week

bluemuf said...

What a full house you have at your sweet party. Love the music and the food looks delicious. I want to sit beside Miss Gracie, she looks so elegant. I think I will be partying well into next week.

Have a Magical Day


3rdEyeMuse said...

you certainly know how to host a stunning & most welcoming tea! I'm enchanted by all the photographs (and love the way you've bordered them).

thank you for your lovely hospitality. wishing you wonderFULL wanderings throughout the Mad Hatter weekend!

mendytexas said...

I'm having so much fun with your guests...especially Mr. Bear! Your treats are delightful. Thank you for including me! :)mendy

*SHeRRy B* said...

A sweet party indeed!Thank you for visiting with me!

mosaicqueen said...

A grand party indeed!!!
The garden is lovely!!!



MarmeeCraft said...

what a perfect faerie hostess you are!! Thank You for inviting me to such a beautiful and magical tea parteeee! :) I enjoyed it no end!!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I was thrilled to be at your was magical and so delightful. I am tired though as it is Monday morning and I am still partying. :) Have a super great week.

Zan Asha said...

Wow, and WOW! Exquisitely beautiful pics! I can't pick a favorite! I love the bears, the butterfly, all of the tea guests and the sweet cakes and chocolates! Magnificent!

daylily777 said...

Hi Garden Fairy,
What a beautiful party, All the garden creatures looked very happy to attend, Save some of that cheesecake for 8-)
You are invited to drop my party.

Laura B said...

Thanks for inviting me to your tea party! Your tea set is beautiful and ties in so well with your 'garden fairy' look :)

turquoise cro said...

I see we havc the same visitor at our tea parties!!! The lil Boyd's CAT that is! AH-CHOO! That's all I can have, not the real kind like sweet Miss Gracie but I have neighbor cats that visit all the time! tee hee

RoyalTLady said...


You really made a great effort to make us enjoy your tea party and we were reluctant to leave. It was so wonderful. Great ideas you have.

giselle said...

oh how special i feel to be invited to such a delightful tea party!
a personalized name plate and everything ;-) the tea was simply divine. was that chamomile? i had one too many desserts, but how could i resist such deliciousness?!

your photos felt so alive with movement and magic.
perfect song choices :-)

farewell garden fairy, until next time!


JO said...

What a gorgeous party you hosted! You've outdone yourself. Love the little kittie. Thanks for attending my party and complimenting my friend, the Cheshire Cat.


Victorian Lady said...

SO sweet! I think Mr. Bear wants another cup! :)


megan v said...

Yes.. I'm STILL party hopping!! I want to make it to all of the blogs but it proves to be quite time consuming!! I must say I ADORE your party! So many things I thought to comment on that I"m starting to forget now! Your salt n pepper holders. That little trunk with a pocketwatch (on it or attached?? I'm so curious!!). So much goodness here!!! Thank you for the amazing party!

Dina said...

Forgive me...I'm late! Your party is simply divine and thank you, tea partier for stopping by mine! xoxo

finance jobs said...

Your blog so colorful and you cat is so cute..

maría cecilia said...

Sharon, you are great girl!!!!! your outfit is gorgeous, your table display is fascinating, your teacups I love, and your pictures are wonderful.... again, I´m so much happy to have found you!!!!!!!!!!
María Cecilia