Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's Tea Party Time

Welcome to my tea party. It's a beautiful day to host a party with sunny, warm weather.

Mr. Rabbit says you are right on time! So come on in...

The table is set and waiting just for you to see.

Enjoy a spot of tea. I'm having Vanilla Almond....mmmmmmmm.

May I pour one for you, too?

Our tea sandwich selection for today is smoked turkey with cranberries, deviled egg, and cucumber. Enjoy a glass of lemon water and strawberry-kiwi juice, too.
That will be served with a fresh heirloom tomato plate, accompanied by fresh basil.

Then, we'll have a fresh fruit salad including raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, and apricots.

Some of your dining companions will include Muffy and Mr. Bear....

Nipper, too (if she would only get up from her donut bed in front of the window)... Oops! She's wearing a milk mustache today!

...the incomparable Miss Gracie, who began wearing her white gloves days ago in anticipation of today's tea party....

and Chato the dog and the singing Mr. Frog.

And once we have some delightful conversation, we will move to the dessert. Select from the chocolate dipped madeleines or regular madeleines on the bottom plate or...

Choose a scrumptious cupcake in carrot, chocolate or vanilla.

Miss Gracie has chosen the chocolate cupcake...
Ooooh, we're getting so full! Almost time to say our goodbyes but just for today.

My special guest and best friend Patti, sister Tina and I have enjoyed having you today. Please stop by and visit again!

And be sure the to visit The Victorian Parlor to find the blog sites for all the tea parties today. You won't want to miss them! Thanks to Kim for being the ultimate tea party hostess.


Stephenie said...

What a beautiful teaparty...Everything just looks stunning...The food just looks soooooo yummy...You really have some pretty china...Which I just love looking at beautiful china..You have such a beautiful home...

carole said...

WOW, Sharon:
Beautiful!!! I have never in life been to a tea party. How fancy. I would like the turkey sandwich and the heirloom tomatoes and basil. Ummmm : ) How lovely your home is. Tell your best friend, Patti and lis sis Tina hi from me. You set your tea party up so pretty.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Sharon!
It's such a pleasure to meet you! Everything is sooo lovely, you have outdone yourself! Your home is beautiful and oh the sweets were...well, sweet! Thank you for having me, I enjoyed my visit. I'll be seeing you again in November, I see you are going to Silver Bella!
everything vintage

Piney Rose said...

Hello Sharon, thanks for the invitation. I loved your party and your beautiful home! You're so gracious...

Geralyn Gray said...

This was a lovely tea party---I enjoyed the company of your guests, especially Mr. Bear. I am a Bella who attended last year's Silver Bella--I'll be missing it this year---but, hopefully I can enjoy reading everyone's blogs about it.

The Victorian Parlor said...


Your tea party is beautiful-you did a marvelous job!!! My goodness the food looks scrumptous! You really went all out! Miss Gracie makes me chuckle the way she likes the cupcakes and Nipper's mustache is adorable! Thank you so much for being a co-hostess for the tea party! I enjoyed having tea with you in blogland:).



Queenmothermamaw said...

This was so beautiful. Such scrumptious looking food. The home is beautiful too. It was fun to do this. I had to hurry off yesterday and did not get all the parties visited. I am enjoying them today Sunday.I want to read more about you art interest.

kana said...

Looks like you girls had some fun tea party! And very pretty as well.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Sharon,

What a beautiful Tea party you put on. Everything was so beautiful and I enjoyed my time at your home. Thank you.
Delicious treats and love your pussycats and teddy bears.
How neat that we both have English Country Roses tea set and pink flowers the same.

have a great week

crochet lady said...

Thanks for stopping by by blog and commenting on my tea for one. Your place is absolutely Fabulous with a capital F! Wow, it is like stepping into wonderland. All the goodies look so yummy. Love that milk mustache on kitty.

Thanks for the tip on the chocolate. My sweety just bought that brand for me and I like it.


June said...

Hi Sharon, the loveliest of teas. Your cupcakes look way too pretty to eat. I'll bet Miss Gracie is in Heaven. Everything was perfect, so glad I came.

Deanna said...

What a lovely Tea Party you gave!
Hope you'll drop by my porch...still brewing tea and coffee.

giselle said...

what a gorgeous and yummy tea party! i think my favorite photo is the one of your mirror that looks like a window. first you think you're peeking in on private tea party and then you realize you're actually inside and the party is right behind you! ;-)